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Local retailer to national superstore

Edcon Steel has been providing expert advice, superior service and a comprehensive range of steel and metal products for over 50 years. But while local customers knew and loved the in-person stores, Edcon was failing to reach the broader market.

The previous website underwent multiple evolutions to try and increase sales and customer value, but Hugh Edmunds, Edcon’s CEO, knew it was still failing to fully encompass the brand, expertise and offerings of the business.

Edcon’s online brand needed an overhaul, and in order to do this effectively they needed a more comprehensive strategy….and an expert team to be the driving force behind it.

After meeting Deb Croucher and the Brilliant Digital team, Hugh was impressed with their strategic thinking, and their plans to back it up.

Brilliant Digital knew how to improve the user experience (UX), increase website functionalities and reduce the time spent constantly troubleshooting the website, through:

  • Digital strategy
  • Digital branding
  • Website design and UX
  • Front-end website development
  • Custom back-end website development and ERP integration
  • Trade login area
  • E-Commerce functionality
  • Website content
  • Photography
  • SEO strategy and execution
  • Advertising, social media and newsletters
  • Ongoing content product – blogging
  • Reporting
  • Strategic refinement

“When we came to Brilliant Digital, the selling point for us was the strategy,” says Hugh.

“It wasn’t just about building a website, it was about having a philosophy…the website isn’t something that stays still, it’s something that needs to change all the time.

“Sitting above that philosophy was the strategy that went into how we were going to do that, how we were going to make our website relevant, and how we were going to keep it interesting to the customers.

“That was the exciting thing for us with Brilliant Digital. Because we weren’t doing that before and now we are.”

The best-fit solution

With thousands of products on offer, regular pricing changes and multiple store locations and service offerings, Brilliant Digital needed to work hard to find the best-fit solution.

An off-the-shelf solution wasn’t going to cut it, so they set to work to custom build a website that would not only improve the customer journey and increase sales but make life easier for the Edcon team.

Utilising a team of experts across website design, development, content and strategy, Brilliant Digital overhauled every aspect of Edcon’s digital brand and integrated ERP software with the backend.

“The ERP system is really powerful for us. It allows us to manage our own data and it puts it in a format that allows us to make quick changes in our system that translate straight out to the website…and straight to the market.”

“Any updates to information or changes in pricing flows directly to the website as soon as we need it or as often as we need it.”

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Remarkable Results

Since joining forces with Brilliant Digital, Edcon Steel has doubled its online sales in one year and has become Australia’s most comprehensive online steel and metal superstore.

“We have always been geographically centred in Sydney so all of our customers were Sydney based…but with the website, it has amplified that and we’ve gone national,” says Hugh.

“In the space of a few years we’ve stopped just selling to people in Sydney and we’ve started selling to people all across the country, which is fantastic.”

Along with the increase in sales has been an increase in organic traffic, thanks to the strategic shift from SEM (paying to sit at the top of Google) to comprehensive SEO (working to grow free Google traffic).

“We really changed focus from spending a lot of money on SEM and paying for keywords…to informing our customers about things we’re doing and the products we sell.”

“And now we’re getting organic clicks, which are more productive and lucrative for us.”

“They’re actually from people who are doing their research and are finding our information…and they’re appreciating it.”

After working with Deb and the extended Brilliant Digital team, Hugh was excited to see that their new website not only has increased traffic and sales, but customers are enjoying the extensive product information and industry updates.

“Our customers are really appreciating the feedback we’re providing,” says Hugh.

What’s more? Hugh knows that they’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg.

“The exciting thing about it is that we really have an opportunity to take something that’s good and make it even better.”

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