Emma Sinclair, Admin and Strategy

I wear many hats here at Brilliant Digital. I provide admin support to the executive team and I assist the team with strategy. I filter through Deb’s speaking requests and identify the opportunities that will align best with our values and message.

Before I came to Brilliant Digital, I worked in childcare for nine years. I loved childcare and enjoyed being on the front line, putting out fires. It was about identifying and implementing the best solution to solve problems and ensure children’s wellbeing.

Changing priorities

After I had my own kids, my focus changed. I have been privileged enough to be able to give my boys my time and energy from birth.

This short season before they start school is one I want to enjoy and be present for. It’s not something I’m willing to sacrifice.

That’s when I came across Brilliant Digital. I am a complete night owl, so it suits me to work mainly at night after my kids are in bed. And it means that I can spend quality time with my children during the day and be the parent I want to be.

Fresh direction

That’s actually when my brain is most alert and great ideas come to me.

Working with Brilliant Digital has given me the opportunity to take the skills I obtained in childcare and use them in a completely different environment. Working in childcare, I was very much on the frontline. Here, I work mainly behind the scenes, and I’m really enjoying the contrast.

It’s a different way of working and poses a unique set of challenges. Fortunately, I love a good challenge and I am relishing this opportunity to try new things and absorb new skills. I’ve learned I am capable of so much more than I ever imagined.

The Brilliant Digital family

I come from a big Italian family. So, what attracted me to Brilliant Digital was the family feel within the team. We are growing so quickly – we are the fastest growing Australian company in our industry – but that family feel is fiercely protected.

Deb is a wonderful person and we share the same value of family first. She has such faith in all of us to deliver what we promise, on time – even though we work remotely across multiple countries. Deb is extraordinarily open-minded. She understands that each of us is unique, and she encourages us all to express ourselves authentically. We all work in different ways and having the freedom to do that means everyone brings their best work.

Making people happy

There are lots of things in the world that make me smile – my kids, family, cooking, Christmas and spending time with those I care about. But the common denominator is that I love making people happy.

I get excited when I see a new email from Deb, because I know she’s going to ask me to do something new and stretch my comfort zone. When I achieve that, I will be richer in skills and experience and I will have really helped her out. Today, my kids are making cupcakes to give to the people in our street. We just get a kick from making people happy.

It’s another reason I fit well with the Brilliant Digital team. We are all of the same bent and our motto is “everything for the client.” We measure our success by how happy our clients are. It’s something I can strongly identify with and it makes me happy to be part of a team that operates like that.

Flexibility = my best life

The flexible working at Brilliant Digital gives me the opportunity to make the absolute most of my life and prioritise what’s important. I tragically lost my sister five years ago, and it has cemented in my mind how precious time is and how we should never take our loved ones for granted.

I live in a close-knit community. We share what we have with our neighbours – we swap garden herbs for tomatoes and fruit for cupcakes and we all look after each other. My Nonna is 95 and I spend a lot of time with her. She teaches me the family recipes and I am learning all about her history. I love watching her play soccer with my children. It’s a beautiful life. I could never have all that with a 9-5 job. I am very, very fortunate.

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