eCommerce Website Design

Build trust, generate traffic and take your customers on a journey

A successful eCommerce website design does three things:

1. Builds trust with your customer

2. Brings traffic to your website

3. Takes your customers on a seamless user journey.

Unless you have trust, people will not buy from you. Without traffic, you won’t have any customers to start with. And in the digital age, anything but a seamless user experience (UX) on a website is unforgivable.

Website development for eCommerce business requires specialist skills and knowledge. It requires strong leadership and strategic thinking. And at Brilliant Digital, we’ve got it all in spades.

Strategic eCommerce website design

It’s simply not enough to add a cart to an existing website and call it a day. When you fail to consider the strategy behind your eCommerce website design, you risk eroding trust, traffic and UX.

The best eCommerce websites are driven by strategy. And that’s how we manage every eCommerce website design we deal with.

We start by diving deep to understand your business goals and where you are heading. We learn about your customers, who they are and why they purchase your products. And then we design a website and eCommerce solution that will propel you towards your goals.

The content on your website will speak directly to your customers and build that all important trust… the journey through every page of your website from browsing to checkout will be seamless and intuitive… and the SEO strategy we implement from the very beginning will bring you the traffic you need.

Avoid the pitfalls

eCommerce website design is fraught with possible pitfalls… that is if you don’t have the right partner to show strong leadership and guide you through the process.

There are two huge mistakes that we see businesses make with eCommerce websites. The first is underestimating the amount of work involved in getting an eCommerce site up and running.

It takes a significant amount of time to load every product to your site, add product descriptions and title tags and nail the SEO for each product, category and page.

Not to mention the investment in beautiful product photography. These tasks are time consuming, but unavoidable, if you want your eCommerce website to be a success.

The second trap applies to B2B businesses that start a new brand for their B2C eCommerce business. This is a huge risk that can alienate your business clients… to say nothing of the challenges of starting from zero traffic with an unknown brand.

By working with an expert – like Brilliant Digital – you can avoid these pitfalls. We will steer you on the right path and ensure your eCommerce website design is a successful one.

Ready to chat about your digital marketing?

Make sales from day one… and keep them coming

With strong leadership, a clearly defined strategy and a well considered plan, you will be able to hit the ground running with your eCommerce website.

The ongoing success of any website relies on ongoing marketing. At Brilliant Digital we offer a full suite of digital marketing services that can be tailored to your business and website goals.

From content marketing to advertising, social media, email marketing and SEO, we have a team of experts who will continue to push your brand and website to new heights. And the thing about our team is they understand eCommerce websites and how digital consumers tick… so you can be sure that your website and ongoing marketing are in the best possible hands.

Partner with the experts

We built our first website more than 20 years ago, when Google was in its infancy. And since then we have approached every website we build with the same passion for results. Our hundreds of happy clients can attest to that.

We are the experts in eCommerce website design. We know what works… we know how to save you time and money… and we know how to get results.

By partnering with Brilliant Digital, you are setting yourself on a path to the kind of brand growth you only ever dreamed of.

Contact us for a free digital consultation so we can help you uncover your eCommerce website requirements and give you a roadmap for success.


Can you use my existing website or should we start from scratch?

Our process starts by defining your brand as the foundation. Everything we do on your eCommerce website – from design to content, development and SEO – is based on this brand foundation. If you try to simply add a cart to an existing website, it will fail. You need to ensure your website offers a cohesive user experience that will build trust with your market.

Will my website be responsive?

Yes, every website we build is responsive. A responsive website is important for a number of reasons. Firstly, Google penalises sites that are not responsive, making it much harder to reach possible new customers through Google search. Secondly, with more and more people accessing websites from smartphones and tablets, a responsive website is crucial for a good user experience. This is especially important with eCommerce website design. A responsive cart and checkout process are essential.

How long will the process take?

We have built a proven process that we follow for every website we build. Our teams work alongside each other so design, content and development all happen simultaneously. Your dedicated client manager will keep you updated every step of the way, so you always know how your website build is progressing. The time it takes to build an eCommerce website will depend on the size of your business and the number of products you have.

Will I be able to manage my website after it is built?

We will build your eCommerce website on WordPress, which has a user-friendly content management system (CMS) for the ongoing management of your website. We also offer digital marketing services to assist you with content marketing, social media, advertising, email marketing and SEO. Or we can teach you how to manage these aspects of marketing your website via our digital marketing courses. Either way, we are here to help.

Who will be working on my website?

You will have a dedicated brand strategist, project manager, content producer and client manager working on your website as well as our design and development team. Each member of our team is experienced and highly skilled at what they do.

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