How a brilliant eCommerce website drastically increased sales for a Sydney florist

The simple act of buying flowers isn’t what it used to be years ago. While walk-in customers and face-to-face service remain invaluable, the boom of online shopping has changed consumer behaviour drastically.

Simply put – if you’re a florist who doesn’t offer a brilliant online buying experience, your competitors will be miles ahead.

For a much-loved family florist in Sydney, A&L Florist, this became their reality.

Enter Brilliant Digital and a brand new eCommerce website, and their business is booming mere months after it went live.

Here’s how the magic happened.

Placing everything under the microscope

Head florist Stefano Olivieri has dealt with Brilliant Digital in the past when they built a brilliant interactive website for his dance school.

So, the decision to connect with directors Deb and Pete again this time around was a no-brainer.

But before they could even talk about beautiful designs, colours schemes and words, Deb started off with a full digital marketing audit to determine what A&L Florist already had online, and where to go from there.

As part of the audit, the Brilliant team did a full competitor analysis followed by a gap analysis to highlight digital branding opportunities.

Deb worked with Stefano to fine-tune their business goals and assessed how their digital brand supported these goals. Deb also had a look at the talent and resources available within the A&L business and how best to utilise them.

“Working with Brilliant Digital has been a dream come true. It didn’t just give us a beautiful website. It gave us a clear vision of where we needed to go to meet the demands of the market,” said Stefano.

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A tailored, strategic & future-proof plan

It was now time to devise a tailored website and digital marketing plan that would kick goals well into the future.

Deb and her team of strategists, content creators, marketing experts and designers all came together to extract the information needed from Stefano to articulate A&L’s unique value proposition to the market.

A comprehensive digital brand was born – one that truly speaks to their market in the floral space.

The digital brand was supported by an SEO plan which entails a list of carefully-selected keywords and a website structure all beautifully mapped out.

Deb also worked closely with Stefano on product development, making sure that it hit the market in the sweet spot.

“We didn’t have 75 different products anymore, we only had 25, available in three standard sizes. This really meets the demands of what our customers are looking for.”

At this stage of the project, both Stefano and our Brilliant team were a hundred percent clear on the way forward, based on data, business goals and a robust digital strategy.

Website design to capture the market’s full attention

The next phase was creating a beautiful, user friendly and custom designed WordPress website – built by experienced coders who use quality coding.

“The thought of building a website was extremely daunting for me because I didn’t know what to expect and I thought it was going to be too hard. But working with the team at Brilliant Digital was so easy.

Every time I hit a wall, I was able to call them up and ask for help. It streamlined everything for me and I was able to focus on the most important things in front of me.”

The website is mobile responsive, written by a professional content creator (who skilfully wove in all the keywords in the right spots – great for Google!) and made sure all the other on-page SEO elements were present.

Brilliant Digital advised on imagery and arranged photography to ensure visuals that perfectly complement the brand and product offering.

Add-ons for a personalised, comprehensive offering

As part of Brilliant Digital’s full-service website and digital marketing offering, Deb and her team delivered a tailored social media service to support the website beautifully. She offered a personalised training session on how to run, manage and update their digital platforms and also launched a digital advertising campaign.

Google My Business service was set up, along with technical SEO, hosting and ongoing website support, and comprehensive data reporting.

“Our partnership with Brilliant Digital has helped us in so many ways. Other than just building us a fantastic website, it really helped us develop our business, redefine where we wanted to go and where we needed to sit in the marketplace.

So, now we dominate the flower industry in Sydney, and it’s largely thanks to branding, concept, strategy and design… and really homing in on how we were going to meet those demands,” says Stefano.

And the results are off the charts!

“We used to average about three or four website orders per week. At that stage we didn’t place much emphasis on what a good website can yield. Now we’re getting 40-50 orders per week! Such unbelievable growth, in just a short period of time. It’s really incredible.

Not only is the website brilliant, but it has helped us get everything that we needed in terms of branding… in terms of focus and vision, and making sure that we deliver everything from beginning to end.

We were established in 1973. We were always a formidable force, but now, without a doubt, we are one of Sydney’s largest florists.”

The eCommerce website design specialists

It’s safe to say that Brilliant Digital played a big role in A&L Florists expansion into the digital market. With A&L’s already impressive floral offering, they now have open doors to reach brand new customers… to really become the leading florist in Sydney.

We can do the same for your business. Contact us today to start the conversation, or check out some more of our incredible digital marketing results here.

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