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A robust digital strategy is a key step for market leaders

Seamless brand experience

In today’s digital world, we don’t just go online – we live online. ​We have unprecedented access to information, products and services across a plethora of digital channels.

To engage with their markets, businesses must create a seamless digital experience and display their brand consistently across the multiple touchpoints, channels and devices we use every day.

Then companies must leverage the wealth of available data to understand and shape their marketing activity and stay ahead of the competition.

A robust digital strategy is a key step in becoming a market-leading organisation.

Small team mentality

However, many organisations – large and small – execute digital change through stand-alone initiatives, often owned and developed by individuals and small teams.

If there is a digital strategy in place, it is often devised by inexperienced individuals (sometimes with personal agendas) who simply don’t have the skill to create an effective overarching roadmap.

A fractured or misguided approach prevents companies from delivering a seamless digital brand and consistent market experience. It also means they are unable to leverage the data in any useful way.

The end result is a reactive (rather than proactive) company that fails to lead the way. An experienced, enterprise approach to digital strategy sets the path for a seamless customer experience and a seamless brand experience, regardless of the access point.

An effective brand strategy gives internal teams the foundation they need to make informed decisions and respond rapidly to market changes. The business itself becomes intuitive as it senses and defines market changes and continually pushes digital boundaries.

Serious expertise

Digital strategy consultant Deb Croucher built her first website way back in 1998. A few years later, she founded Brilliant Digital and has been a pioneer in the digital space ever since. Deb has a wealth of experience and serious runs on the board creating winning digital strategies and resultant top and bottom-line growth for SMEs across all industries Australia wide. Deb is a relationship builder and deeply proud of the long-term partnerships she enjoys with valued clients.

Proven process

Deb works through a robust and proven process to understand your business and objectives then assess:

  • Your current digital assets, including websites, social media and marketing collateral
  • The skill sets and capabilities of the teams working on those digital assets
  • The data you are currently generating
  • The longstanding and emerging competitors in your space
  • The best opportunities for immediate and longer-term growth in your sector.

From there, our strategist will create a powerful strategic digital plan, which will give you a clear roadmap for building a powerful and seamless digital brand and leveraging the data to stay in front of the competition.

“When we came to Brilliant Digital, the selling point for us was the strategy. It wasn’t just about building a website; it was about having a philosophy. Sitting above that philosophy was the strategy that went into how we were going to do that, how we were going to make our website relevant and how we were going to keep it interesting to the customers. That was the exciting thing for us with Brilliant Digital, because we weren’t doing that before and now we are.”  Hugh Edmunds, Edcon Steel

Serious results

The outcome of implementing Deb’s strategic plan will be:

  • Digital strategy aligned with the business strategy to increase ROI on digital spend
  • Products and services digitally enhanced to improve the customer experience and increase value to the client
  • Digital sales channels educate the market, open new doors and offer low-touch transactions
  • Customers more engaged and better educated, increasing ROI on marketing spend
  • Team more highly skilled, more cohesive and empowered to make great decisions
  • Digital channels and tools increase business efficiency and improve the overall customer experience.

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