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Why your digital presence is key to surviving COVID-19

Posted by Deb Croucher|April 7, 2020

No matter the industry you are in, you will benefit from having a digital presence. And with the COVID-19 lockdowns looming, the game has changed forever. The only way your customers will find your business is through your online presence.

Marketing during a global downturn

Posted by Deb Croucher|March 27, 2020

The global COVID-19 pandemic is causing disruption in almost every industry. But during challenging times, the worst thing you can do for your business is turn off your marketing during a global downturn.

The market-led approach to website builds

Posted by Deb Croucher|March 2, 2020

We’ve built hundreds of market-led website builds. And for every successful website we build, our clients come to us with a story of a past failed website. A project that was full of promise that simply didn’t deliver on the expectations.

Once you launch a new website, if you aren’t actively engaged in marketing and growing that website, you will hear crickets. You need a multi-channel advertising strategy that takes a holistic look at your business.

Facebook advertising secret sauce

Posted by Deb Croucher|January 19, 2020

Facebook advertising is delivering fantastic returns on investment for many of our clients. However, don’t waste advertising spend targeting people who will never be interested in your services or products.

The strategic approach to avoid digital marketing failure

Posted by Deb Croucher|January 15, 2020

If you’ve ever tried to DIY your marketing, you would likely have been confronted with a slew of ‘experts’, each claiming to have the secret to success. Instead, you need a strategic approach to avoid digital marketing failure.

What it takes to create a cohesive digital brand strategy

Posted by Deb Croucher|December 17, 2019

Your digital brand is a combination of everything you put out into the digital world… and in some cases what your customers are saying about you online. It is your content and the experience you create for your customers through every interaction they have with you.

Understanding effective content marketing

Posted by Deb Croucher|November 14, 2019

Content marketing is the creation and sharing of content to acquire customers. Although it’s been an effective marketing strategy for more than a century, the internet has given content a much larger role.

The exciting potential of content marketing strategy is having control of your business stories, their frequency, style and length. Content marketing becomes more dynamic and profitable when you take charge.

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