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Writing for online audiences to build brand trust and spur a reader into action. Let’s talk about why your business needs the skills of a professional content creator.

What type of digital advertising is best for your business?

Posted by Brilliant Team|January 11, 2022

Digital advertising can boost profit, build your brand and grow your business. But before you start paying for it, know what type is best for your business.

Any successful website needs these key ingredients

Posted by Lani Fouche|November 23, 2021

Sadly, there are many, many website design companies out there that claim they’ll build you a beautiful website for a couple of thousand dollars. Sounds tempting, right? If we had a penny for each of our clients who’ve burnt money this way before, we’d be rich.

Before you build or refresh the design of your business’s website, here’s something important you have to know (and something that, too often, people forget): your personal preference for website design doesn’t actually matter.

Basic tips for a successful SEO strategy

Posted by Lani Fouche|September 27, 2021

The aim of your website is to be found on Google, right? Here, Brilliant Digital’s Head of Content, Lani Fouché, shares her top tips for SEO. Learn how you can boost your digital presence with simple strategies.

The real value of doing a full digital marketing audit

Posted by Lani Fouche|September 22, 2021

If the goal of any audit process within your business is to achieve growth and improvement, then there’s all the more reason to do a full digital marketing audit. Let’s discuss the most important elements when auditing your digital presence.

Boosting your business with conversion rate optimisation

Posted by Brilliant Team|August 24, 2021

We talked to one of Brilliant Digital’s marketing gurus, Elena Davey, about conversion rate optimisation – the simple and effective way to boost your business.

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