Why your digital presence is key to surviving COVID-19

Posted by Deb Croucher | April 7, 2020

No matter the industry or business you are in, you will benefit from having an online presence. And the COVID-19 crisis has highlighted just how crucial that is. With lockdowns looming and more and more people self-isolating, for many businesses the only way their customers will find them is online.

For those that are online during this crisis, you have a direct path to finding new customers to sustain your business and ensure you come out the other side of the crisis in a strong position.

The game has changed forever. We all have a unique set of challenges… but it’s become very clear that interacting with our markets digitally and allowing customers to buy products and services online is the new normal. Our markets will get used to doing everything online 24/7 over the coming months, enjoy the convenience and likely stick with their new habit.

Building an online presence

For most businesses your online presence will be a website… for some smaller businesses a social media page will suffice. Either way you need to have somewhere online that your customers can clearly see what you do for who and why.

A website is more than a good-looking design and words on a page. It is crucial that you get your message right… that you speak to your market and connect with them… and that your website serves its purpose which is to make sales and generate leads.

A website – when done right – will be your hardest working employee, able to support your business through COVID-19 and beyond by bringing in leads while you sleep.

Leverage your existing assets

Once you have that solid base – your digital home – the key is to leverage it. Start by choosing one of two social media platforms – the ones your customers are most likely to be on – and then post consistent and regular messages from your business. Share your products, blogs and updates about any changes to your business through the crisis.

Connect with your email database of past customers and leads. Remind them about your business, services and products. Share relevant blogs and news with them to ensure you stay visible through this time.

And then look at how you can innovate your products and services to continue your revenue stream through this time. For service based businesses can you offer your IP or classes online? And for product based businesses, is there a way for your customers to buy your products online? Think outside the square, pivot and adapt.

Don’t skip the strategy element

While you are in a reactive state, responding to the crisis to keep your business strong, it’s vital that you don’t forget the strategy element of marketing.

Yes, your online presence is key… but a website that lacks a clear message and brand strategy will be useless. And if you are looking to introduce eCommerce to your website, simply adding a cart without considering ERP integrations and how you will drive traffic to your online store is a sure path to failure.

Take a step back and look at the big picture. This is an opportunity to create a digital presence that will be the foundation of your success not only through COVID-19 but in the months and years ahead. And the success of every website comes down to a clearly defined strategy.

Look for opportunities to innovate your digital assets

Now is your opportunity to do the things that you have otherwise been putting off. And in fact, doing those things will be crucial to your success. This is the time to innovate, to move to the cloud and to make your website work even harder.

Step back and look at the end-to-end operations of your digital presence.

Consider the flow of your business from your ERP through to your accounting system, looking at each touchpoint with your customer and how you can automate or simplify your processes. You might be surprised at how some of your biggest pain points can be fixed with a simple plugin or software solution.

Managing your virtual team

At Brilliant Digital, working from home is the norm. It’s how our team has always worked. But for many businesses, this crisis is the first time anyone in their business has worked remotely.

Much like your website can be your hardest working employee, you can also use digital tools to get the most out of your physical team. You can use cloud based systems to track progress and work. And you might be surprised at how productive and efficient your team can actually be working from home.

Using software like zoom you can meet with your team via video conference.

You can bring them together for a morning check in or a Friday afternoon “drinks”. Even when you aren’t located together you can motivate and encourage them… and get the results you need.

Partner with the experts

If you are ready to future proof your business with a strong digital presence you have come to the right place. At Brilliant Digital we have built successful websites for hundreds of clients.

We offer complete website and digital marketing solutions as well as digital marketing training to set you on the path to success. Contact us for a free consultation to identify your next steps to strengthen your digital footprint. Whether we help you with our complete solution or train you through our digital marketing academy, we have the expertise to deliver the results you need.

It’s time to see sustained results

Are you ready? We aren’t your standard digital solutions agency. We avoid hype and noise. Instead, we build long-term partnerships with successful businesses delivering genuine expertise, best-fit solutions and sustained results. Contact us to start the conversation.

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