Digital Marketing Strategy - Part Two

Today we’re going to take a look at social media and how you can use it to drive traffic to your website.

If you’ve used the tools we discussed in Digital Marketing Strategy – Part One then you will already have a website you are proud of.

A website that is converting to a steady flow of warm leads to your business.

But you now want to know how to more effectively use social media to drive new traffic to your website.

Make social media work for you

Social media can be a fantastic tool to drive new traffic to your website, but perhaps it has not been as successful as you hoped it would be?

Perhaps you’ve been paying someone to manage your social media for several months now, but you are still not getting a solid return on your investment?

You can make social media work more effectively and efficiently for you by avoiding the three simple, but most common mistakes that I see many people make:

  • Posting on too many channels
  • Posting content that hasn’t got substance
  • Not monitoring the response you are getting to your social media

1. Choose the correct social media for your particular business

Not matter how engaging your posts are, social media will not work for your business if you are speaking to the wrong audience.

You need to know and understand your target market and your ideal customer. And then use the best type of social media for your particular business.

  • LinkedIn is best for white collar, professional businesses
  • Facebook suits small, local businesses
  • If you’re witty, and have the time to post regular, small snippets, Twitter will work well
  • And if your product is very visual or creative, Pinterest and Instagram are perfect for you

Rather than spreading your resources thinly over every social media platform, try instead to focus on the right one (or two at the most) that works for your business.

2. Make sure you have something original to say

When you are posting, make sure that you make it worthwhile for your audience to read.

  • Say something original. Don’t regurgitate other people’s stuff.
  • Say something different. Your business is unique, and you want to stand out from the crowd.
  • Tell people about your business and what you have been up to.
  • Write original content that informs your audience and makes them want to visit your website.


If your posts are not original and informative, they are just adding to the digital noise and clutter.  And your message will get lost.

But people will always respond to originality and authenticity.

3. Monitoring what is happening

Finally, you need to monitor what response you are getting to your posts or tweets.

  • Use Google Analytics to see what your Facebook or Twitter traffic is doing. This feedback is instant and really valuable.
  • Are you getting a decent amount of leads for the posts you are doing? Which posts are getting the best response?
  • Make sure the leads you are getting are actually converting to phone calls and emails in you inbox and, of course, into actual sales for your business.


The great thing about digital marketing is that you have the tools to analyse the effectiveness of your social media.

Use these tools to understand what is working and why. And then adjust your posts accordingly.

A top tip

Did you know that if you use Facebook and you have a decent sized marketing list you can outlay a small amount of advertising money to target your audience?

Simply upload you email addresses to Facebook and for a minimal daily budget you can advertise to your target market.

It’s a kind of “re-marketing” exercise.

But it’s a very effective way of spending a small amount of money for a much greater return.

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