Digital Marketing Strategy - Part Three

What I’m going to talk to you about today is how you can drive organic traffic to your website by using Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Creating a sense of trust with organic traffic

The great thing about organic traffic is that people arrive on your website with a sense of trust.

They have come from the free Google listing, so they think that if your listing is on page one or two of Google, and it is not a paid ad, then your ranking must have come from something good.

They think it must be a good website and they land with a good feeling. And then they often go through your website and read more. So organic traffic is really, really important.

The snowball effect of great content

The other great thing about organic traffic is if you do the work, and you put in the time building a great library of content on your website, Google will just keep sending you more and more traffic and the whole thing can snowball.

Then, all of a sudden, you are getting thousands of visitors a day.

Thousands of visitors that you’re not even paying for because you’ve done the work in the past.

So organic traffic is awesome, but you need to understand it is a long-term investment in writing content.

If you’re not going to be in this business long-term, then a huge investment in SEO might not be the right strategy for that particular business.

Driving organic traffic to your website through SEO

So, how can you use Search Engine Optimisation to drive traffic to your website?

Google Guide to SEO

Firstly, you need to download the ‘Google Guide to SEO’ and take care of the technical stuff. It is really important to take care of the technical side of things first.

If you don’t understand the ‘Google Guide to SEO’ you will need to take it to your website developer and sit down with them, someone you can trust, who does understand it. They can go through the whole thing with you and make sure that your website is complying with what Google wants.

It is also very important to ensure that your website is fully responsive to mobile phones. Make sure you can read your website on a mobile phone without having to pinch and grab at the text.

 Compelling Content

Fill your website with compelling content. You can create a free account with Google AdWords in order to access and download a free tool called the Google keyword tool.

The keyword tool allows you to find out what people are actually searching for in your area, searches such as ‘What is Internet Marketing?’ So if I then write a blog that explains ‘What is Internet Marketing?’ I can get free traffic from Google every day for that search term.

And then they will go around my website and think ‘Oh, what else does she know about?’ and potentially, if they are my market, they can become a client. That’s how it works.

So go and find some good topics to write about. Each blog or webpage needs to be at least 500 words of good copy. No filler, no crap. Just good quality content that people will engage with and enjoy.

And maybe sprinkle a few keywords through your copy and meta tags, just to make sure you are giving the message that this copy is all about ‘What is Internet Marketing?’

Social Media Channels

Use social media channels to advertise your compelling content.

Put a few lines on Facebook, LinkedIn, or whatever social media you are using and then link it back to your website so Google sees the traffic coming from your social media.

Although Google says it doesn’t monitor social media, I believe it does. I see websites where they are getting active on social media and the website then rises up the rankings really nicely.

Get active on social media with compelling content, but make sure you always drive people back to your own website, where you’ve got heaps of fantastic content.

And that’s the secret to great long-term Search Engine Optimisation!

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