Digital Marketing Strategy - Part One

Let’s talk about digital marketing strategy.

The reason it’s important is because it makes you go forward in a straight line.

If you don’t have a good strategy, you end up doing a bit of this and a bit of that.

You spend time and money and your business goes backwards compared to your competitors.

If you have a smart strategy you go forwards in the right direction with confidence…

…and you quickly start to generate qualified leads with the minimum time and effort spent.

Digital Strategy 101

You need to understand that your website is the lead converter. It’s like your best salesman. It’s the thing that will convert casual visitors into solid warmed up leads that actually give you a phone call or come into your inbox.

So if your website is not delivering warmed up leads. If people are bouncing off your website and not getting in touch… Then, it’s not working… simple.

There’s no point in spending hard earned dollars on digital advertising or paying someone to do social media posts if your website is not going to convert visitors to leads.

It’s a bit like sending a whole bunch of leads to a salesperson who is not delivering results. You wouldn’t do it.

And yet all the time, we see people waste time and effort on social media, driving traffic to websites that are just not working.

How to Move Forward

You must fix your website up first.

So if your website isn’t converting… and you’ll know this if you are not getting calls.

Then you need to go and have a good look at that website.

Check the Basics on Your Website

Here are some website basics you can look at:

  • Do you actually tell people in the first screen what you do?
  • Is there an appealing image on that first screen that warms people to your business?
  • Is it really easy to find out more information about how you do what you do?
  • Have you got testimonials on there building trust and helping people to feel that this is someone they want to do business with?

  • Is it really easy to navigate around your site and find the common information people want?
  • Are you giving anything away? Like free information, great blogs, newsletters? Great free stuff that makes people realise that you do know what you are doing and you do care about them and their business.
  • Have you got your branding right? Do you know your pitch?
  • Are you connecting with your target audience with fantastic written copy?

And that’s digital strategy number one…

…if your website is not converting then fix it up before you do anything else!

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