Deb Croucher – Digital Marketing Speaker

Industry leader in digital strategy, marketing and SEO

When Deb Croucher speaks, people listen.

Whether speaking to an intimate group or a packed-out conference venue, Deb consistently delivers the same energy and passion… she speaks from the heart and generously shares the knowledge she has amassed from more than two decades sharing digital business solutions.

Passionate and knowledgeable

“Deb Croucher is an exceptional presenter. Her ability to engage with the audience to create an interactive and engaging session is brilliant!”
Cassandra O’Brien, BT Financial Group

The dawn of Google over twenty years ago sparked a passion in Deb, which has seen her develop a reputation as a pioneer and leader in digital strategy and marketing execution across multiple industry sectors. But she doesn’t just talk about digital marketing… she gets results. And she has done so for many hundreds of clients.

For every client that Deb and the Brilliant Digital team work with, there are thousands more businesses that are yet to discover the power of digital media in delivering sustained brand growth. Through her presentations, Deb generously shares her decades of knowledge and experience in an engaging and authentic way.

Optimise your digital strategy

“Deb has the ability to communicate complex concepts to a diverse audience with simplicity and relatability. Deb is great at keeping the audience engaged and can really tailor the content to suit. Her delivery was perfect for the group of business leaders we were hosting.”
Amanda Briscot, WSBC

In today’s digital world, we don’t just go online – we live online. We have unprecedented access to information, products and services across a plethora of digital channels. As such, digital marketing has become a non-negotiable for any business.

But, unless you have a solid brand strategy, it’s easy to waste both time and money. Deb’s insights not only take the guesswork out of digital strategy, but save you a tonne of stress as she takes you on a journey through fascinating learnings from her years in the industry.

To engage with their markets, businesses must create a seamless digital experience and display their brand consistently across the multiple touchpoints, channels and devices that we use every day.

Then companies must leverage the wealth of available data to understand and shape their marketing activity and stay ahead of the competition.

A robust digital brand strategy is a key step in becoming a market-leading organisation.

Delegates will take away:

  • How to accurately portray your business and value
  • Tips to educate your market
  • Steps to develop a powerful sales tool
  • How to generate opportunities and strategically grow your business.

Build new sales channels

“Deb is a remarkable speaker! Her presentation was extremely engaging, and she made all of her content relatable for her whole audience. She demonstrated her depth of knowledge throughout her presentation, but especially in the Q&A session, where she would answer questions specific to the person’s business situation. I would highly recommend!”
Demi Vass – CBC

Using digital media to build new sales channels and sustain growth in the short and longer term is an often overlooked aspect of digital marketing. Deb’s expert guidance not only provides clear and actionable next steps, but allows business owners to glean a clear understanding of what will work for their business and gain clarity of where to focus their efforts first.

Deb’s presentations educate delegates on what’s possible with online marketing and sales, and how to position a business online for success. From common marketing pitfalls and how to avoid them, to the basics of google and social media, Deb teaches how to market your website, leverage existing customers, and measure and refine your process based on results.

Delegates will take away:

  • A clear understanding of what will work for their business
  • Clarity about where to focus their efforts first
  • A proven process to follow
  • Knowledge of how everything can and should be measured.

Get found through search

“The Webinar Series was perfect for our small business audience. The feedback was superb and our members took actionable items away. A huge success.”
Marcus Dwyer BEC

In today’s digital world, you are who Google says you are.

Being visible on Google is an essential part of doing business in 2021 and offers incredible opportunities for companies of all sizes and types to reach untapped markets and generate new business locally, nationally and globally.

Done right, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) will deliver opportunities to your door every day of the week. However, many businesses find that despite investing in SEO, their bottom line is not seeing the returns.

For business owners and leaders who want to get reliable results and return on investment from SEO, Deb’s presentations provide the fundamentals of Google search at a big picture level: what’s possible and what’s not; what SEO activity will deliver reliable, sustained growth; and how to create a strategic and effective plan to tackle your Google visibility.

Lots of people talk about SEO… but Deb and her team of digital marketing experts have walked the walk, consistently delivering measurable results across multiple industry sectors Australia wide.

Delegates will take away:

  • A clear understanding of SEO basics
  • Writing content for SEO
  • A proven process to follow
  • Knowledge of how everything can and should be measured.

Your next speaker

Deb is available as a marketing keynote speaker, delivering presentations and interactive workshops on a range of topics, including digital strategy.

Amongst her past speaking engagements, Deb counts the CEO Institute, BT Financial Group, Suncorp, Western Sydney Business Connection, Family Business Australia and Inspiring Women in a long list of clients.

Contact us to learn more about how Deb can bring her expertise to your stage or to book Deb for your event.

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