Increasing Access to a Global Market for Manufacturing Company Romar

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The problem

Romar drives a complex, global business but had no digital marketing strategy at all. They failed to reach their target markets and leads were slow and cold. Their website was out of date and not optimised for search.

The solution

Brilliant Digital formulated a strong UVP for Romar, resulting in a strong digital brand that connects will with their customers. They implemented a robust SEO and digital marketing strategy with compelling content.

The results

Romar has seen a significant uplift in new users to their website and a massive increase in search query terms. This shows that Google trusts them, they’re reaching their target market and warm leads are streaming in.

A decision to invest in marketing

Through digital storytelling, our digital marketing experts at Brilliant Digital have transformed the Western Sydney based manufacturing company Romar, so it can compete on a global stage.

We have defined who Romar is and what it does, and we are sending qualified leads from across the globe. Romar CEO Alan Lipman shares the journey of this transformation.

“We have a complex business at Romar, with customers in different parts of the world.

When I joined the company, we didn’t have a sales or marketing effort and I knew this had to change. We needed a marketing resource that would be working for us all the time.

The choice I had to make was whether to invest in a sales person, or invest in the website and a company to market for me 24 hours a day.

I felt confident that the latter was the right leap to take.

So, in August of 2017, Romar partnered with Brilliant Digital to develop a digital marketing strategy and build a website that would become the business’s ‘sales force’.

A new focus in marketing

“Before we partnered with Brilliant Digital, we had no social media and no marketing per se.

The website we had was okay but had not been updated for a long time.

There was a lot of information there, but it was very out of date. And we were missing out on opportunities.

For example, in 2016 we had a big equipment launch with all the accompanying media: photos, interviews etc… and none of that appeared on our site – a wasted opportunity.”

A website is not a static thing. You’ve got to keep it up to date, full of fresh content and actively managed. By delivering a turnkey marketing solution, we have the resources at Brilliant Digital to do just that.

A clear-cut digital marketing plan

“The business I took over had got into some difficulties. In order to generate revenue, they tried to be all things to all people.

But this is not a winning strategy. I wanted to refocus the business on what it did well. The old website reflected the state of the business… there was so much information, but it didn’t focus, it didn’t say who we were, what we did and how we did it.”

Today, Romar’s marketing is very clear about the sort of business they want and the type of customer they’re looking for.

“The new website, logo and brand messaging we created with Brilliant Digital is very specific. It clearly states what we can do for your business. It shows a much stronger statement of intent.

The team at Brilliant Digital has been instrumental in helping me drive the vision of what I had in my head for the business, onto the site.”

More clarity, more enquiries

“Our strategy is two-pronged. Building a website and then marketing a website go hand in hand, and you have to realise that.

It’s not enough to build a new site if you don’t tell people about it.

We worked with the team at Brilliant Digital on what we wanted to achieve with the new site.

Increasing the number of web enquiries was a key driver.”

Another intention was that the site should deliver more clarity to existing customers and their supplier base.

It should explain who they are and what they do, in a way that hadn’t been done effectively before. Alan expected their existing customers to be able to clearly see what else they offer, enabling them to retain and grow business.

“For any business, it’s easier to grow through your existing customer base, and the new site will help us do that.

I believe that we have much more clarity… much more consistency in what we do now. That’s been driven by a change in our business philosophy, which is now reflected in the website.”

Building, learning and growing

“I don’t have to spend much time on my digital marketing – the Brilliant Digital team takes care of it all for me. We catch up for 30 minutes per week – we cover the week prior, the website traffic flow, the feedback we’re getting. We plan our newsletters. We’re building on it; we’re learning more about the website and what we need to do to improve it.

The hour or so total per week I spend on my marketing is very worthwhile. I had the vision of what I wanted to achieve and I worked with the team to bring that to the screen.

We’ve come up with a very good solution. A website is a dynamic thing; it needs to always grow and evolve. We’re always looking to add and adjust content, to keep it strong, to stay fresh, change pictures as needed.”

Making the technical accessible

“The team at Brilliant Digital is very professional. They know exactly what they are doing.

The hardest part for any marketing team is to understand the client’s business as well as the client does.

They can’t know it all immediately.

We’re a very technical business, so I’ve walked the team through everything and introduced them to my staff.

The writers at Brilliant Digital are good at synthesising the information and getting it on to the website in a format that makes sense to less technical customers. We mustn’t oversell in a technical sense. We don’t want to scare people away! Customers who need more technical detail will ask.”

The team at Brilliant Digital has developed a strong voice for Romar in its writing. That strength has allowed for Romar’s message to continue to be refined and deliver clarity for prospects.

Buying into the vision

“I think change is difficult in any business. Our new website and marketing are just additional planks in the change process. It is a physical manifestation of where I see the business heading.

It was actually a great way for me to bring the staff on board. We held a whole company meeting and I took them through the website to explain why I saw things like this, why this was a better way of selling – to demonstrate to them what I was trying to do with the business as a whole.

And I was able to get their buy-in to the vision I had. It allowed me to engage with people who’d been at the company for a long time and take them in a new direction.

It’s part of the change process. We went through rebranding with a new logo and taglines, which everyone has taken to now.

We have new letterheads, stationery, new clothing… this is an older company and we’re modernising the business. It’s a refresh, rather than a rebuild.

I’m very happy with the new look, feel and direction. I’ve got the staff onboard, and customers now know who we are and what we do.”

A better educated lead

“With our business, you still have a fair bit of explaining to do when you receive an enquiry to make something. You always have to explain process and costs, and sort the wheat from the chaff.

You want customers who will grow with you and be substantive. Because ultimately, we’re in business to make money.

Our sales process can be very long, from three months up to a year. Our increase in leads gives us a lot more opportunity to develop products.

But to make money, we have to try to pick winners.”

We work with Romar on search engine optimisation (SEO) using keywords to grow organic traffic – and that certainly pays dividends.

“Our new website is attracting the sorts of customers who think we can help them do what they need to do. Our enquiries are in and around our core competencies and driving the sort of work that we want to our company.”

Ten to twelve good leads per week

“Before the new site launch, we would get about three to four web enquiries every month.

Now 10 or 12 a week are very common. And we’re on track this year for 30% growth.”

Alan puts this down to the new website. It has attracted leads and has given the business a very clear message. Alan can refer prospects to the website… to a certain video or article… and is confident that his message will be told consistently well.

“This is a very big pick up. The leads are very good, they’re spot on the money – they want the work we do, and they are the types of customers we want to work with. We still get a lot of business through referrals, but are now following through on these stronger enquiries from the web.”

A new direction with storytelling

“I like the idea of digital storytelling, as it puts into context how we work with people to achieve their aims.

It’s a really good demonstration of what we do.

Sometimes it’s hard in our often discrete industry to find stories suitable for publication.

One of our main focuses at Romar is the manufacture of medical devices, and storytelling around this is a difficult thing to do.

But the stories we have shared so far are indicative of what we can do to connect with our customers and prospects.”

Working our UVP

Romar is unique as a company in Australia.

There are not very many companies that do what they do… only two or three.

“Many of our customers didn’t know such a company existed.

Our website gives us the opportunity to show how we are different and unique, and have a unique set of skills.

And we are an Australian owned company.

That’s what people are looking for.”

Ready to start the conversation?

Thriving in a global market

“We don’t just work in a domestic market; we work globally. The only way to grow our business that made sense to me was to make us more accessible to that global market. It was a no-brainer to embrace digital marketing to achieve this.

Our enquiries are about 90% domestic and 10% offshore. I’m looking to grow that offshore enquiry base. The people we’ve connected with offshore are interesting and intelligent. And they understand what we can do for them.

Revamping the website has helped our credibility with overseas customers and will help to grow that market.

The marketing from Brilliant Digital has been top notch.”

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