Can a Website Deliver a Million Dollar Sale?

Yes it can! The Brilliant Blue team scored big this month.

A 1.5 million dollar luxury lifestyle product sold by our client to a customer previously unknown to them. The new customer found the website through a Google search, liked what he saw and very quickly wrote a cheque!

How does that happen?

How can you possibly build enough trust on a website for a client previously unfamiliar with a company and product to make a purchase of that size?

Having a great product is obviously vital… but it’s not enough on its own.

As well as having a great product, your website has to connect on a deep level with your potential customers. You have to make the person feel positive and warm and understand the deep emotional benefits your product or service will bring them.

And you achieve this… through website content. Awesome website content.

Content which grabs a visitor, connects with them on an emotional level and makes them feel they’d like to be part of what’s in front of them on the screen.

How do you build content that connects like this?

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“Words are of course the most powerful drug used by mankind” Rudyard Kipling

A website without words will not convert – however powerful the design, images and videos. Start with the basics to get through the readers’ first few filters and build from there.

What do you do or sell?

So many people don’t adequately explain what they do and leave money on the table. If I don’t quickly know what you do I’m going to hit the back button. And chances are that’s the end of our relationship.

How does that benefit me?

Explain to me how you’ll solve my problems and make my dreams come true. Give me access to as much detail as you think I’ll need to build trust in your product or service. Describe the deep rooted emotional value of doing business with you… how your product will bring me, for example, peace of mind, more family time or more financial security.

Can you make me feel like I want to be part of the ‘club’ that buys from you? Demonstrate benefits others have enjoyed from using your product or service. The more your service or product costs, the more of this you need. Use testimonials and lifestyle stories to get your point across. Make me feel like I’ll be missing out on joining something very special if I don’t buy from you.

Images are vital

Once you’ve nailed your copy, add real images (and perhaps videos) that marry perfectly with the words… and you’re on the way to a result.

So here’s how we reeled in the million dollar buyer

We started with a couple of attention grabbing headlines and a slider of hero images designed to show the product and the lifestyle associated with it. If the reader was interested in the product this opening screen enticed them to scroll down the page.

Then we told the buyer all about the key features of the product in easy to read, bulleted lists with obvious links to more detailed information. This was all designed to build trust. The reader could find the answer to burning questions and come back for more information at his leisure.

All this great information was easy to find and enhanced with top quality lifestyle images and videos.

We also included links to community stories, blogs from other owners and detailed staff and company profiles. These lifestyle stories and the associated photos illustrated the deep emotional benefits of making the purchase. And the staff and company profiles helped to build trust and allow the buyer to see the company as real people he was safe to do business with.

The buyer could clearly see his life would be enriched by buying the product and being part of the community created by this company… and the sales person’s job was pretty much a formality.

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