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The problem

Starting a business is tough, and it’s even tougher without a digital marketing strategy. When Julie Nipperess started her business in 2019, she knew she needed to bring in the experts if she wanted to hit the ground running.

The solution

Brilliant Digital created the perfect website, devised a comprehensive marketing strategy and targeted the right type of clients. Step Up Financial Group had an online presence and digital shopfront from day one.

The results

In just five months, Step Up Financial Group received warm, qualified leads – each of which converted into a sale – and added 70 new clients to their books. With a growth rate of 17%, they achieved ROI, four times over.

A new company established on day one

Julie Nipperess is the founder of Step Up Financial Group, financial planners working primarily with people aged 25-45 to accumulate wealth in preparation for retirement. We first met Julie when she was working as a planner in the private sector. She sought us out as a digital marketing expert in the finance sector to build the company website and then chose to take us with her when she stepped out on her own in 2019.

Expanding clientele demographic

Her previous role was with a financial planning company and Julie wanted to expand the client base to include all ages and life stages. She believes in teaching financial wisdom to the young, while they have the capacity to change their wealth accumulation and savings strategies.

Julie knew that for the company to reach these demographics, their firm needed an online presence. Julie knew exactly what she wanted:

  • A unique website that stood out from the crowd
  • A site that catered specifically to their business and their clientele
  • A site that was user friendly and that would bring in the right leads.

Simple, right?

Julie grabbed her list and began searching for the right digital marketing company to put it together for her.

“I wanted something that was original, someone who really knew our business and understood my clientele,” Julie explains.

“Then I heard Deb Croucher speak at a conference I was attending. She was presenting on Digital Marketing, and BOOM! there it was. Everything I had been looking for, for so long. I couldn’t believe it. I was fidgeting in my seat, waiting desperately for her to finish so I could go and talk to her. Everything she said resonated with me – it was exactly what I had been searching for.”

You are who Google says you are

“My clientele live online. They want to check you out online before they set foot in your office or even speak to you on the phone. You are who Google says you are. If Google says you don’t exist, then… in their eyes, you don’t,” says Julie.

“Having a website – a really great website – and digital strategy are critical to the survival of a business in this day and age. I needed help because I didn’t have the time, and I didn’t have the expertise to do it myself.

I needed the skills of professionals… If you want to run a professional business, you need professionals to run your marketing. It’s a no-brainer.”

The clincher was when Deb sent Julie a sample of Brilliant Digital’s work.

“I still remember it. It was a site for a different financial planner, not the same demographic as our business… but I knew right from the start who this company was, what they specialised in, who their clients were and what their clients wanted. As a potential customer, I didn’t even have to click on anything to know whether this was the right business for me,” Julie explains.

“And that showed me that Brilliant Digital understood what we were looking for. They knew how to target OUR clients, to get the leads WE wanted for OUR business.”

Julie loves that Brilliant Digital understands the importance of knowing who your client base is and working to that.

“I market to the 25-45 base. For my clients, my website is my bricks and mortar shop front. That’s where they decide if they want to work with me.”

Stepping up and stepping out

When Julie decided to branch out and start her own financial planning company – Step Up Financial Group – she knew she needed to keep Brilliant Digital on board.

“I work primarily with my favourite 25-45 age group, so considering my demographic, opening my doors without an amazing website and marketing strategy already in place would be insane,” Julie explains.

“It never even occurred to me not to have Brilliant Digital alongside me as I stepped out on my own.”

Before Julie even opened her doors, Brilliant Digital had the Step Up Financial Group’s website built and ready… and a comprehensive marketing strategy fully developed and waiting for her.

“All I had to do was choose the date I wanted to start my new life. I was able to go straight to my prospective clients and say, ‘Here, this is me.’ I had an online presence and digital shopfront from day one.”

An established brand... from day one

Julie understood the importance of having an established brand from the outset.

“If I had been trying to get off the ground without my website and marketing, I don’t know if I would have made it,” she explains.

“But I did have them and, because of that, 95% of my clients came across with me, trusting in me and how my new brand represented me. I pushed the button and I was instantly an established brand with 400 clients.”

Engaging the expert services of Brilliant Digital enabled Julie to hit the ground running.

“Since I opened earlier this year, I’ve added over 70 new clients. That’s a client growth of 17% in only five months,” Julie notes.

“And that’s due to my marketing strategy from Brilliant Digital.”

Results that speak for themselves

While engaging digital marketing experts can seem like a significant investment, Julie believes that her results speak for themselves.

“As for the website itself, I had 12 leads come through very quickly. They were all warm, qualified leads and all converted to sales. Looking at just the leads from the website in the first five months, I have already achieved my ROI, four times over!”

“My website has been critical to my success. It is literally the face of my business… it’s the shop window.”

In this age of virtual business, a great website has replaced the need for a prominent shop-front or a display of your wares in the window to attract passers-by.

“You don’t have to wait for customers to pass by your physical site because the entire world can find you based on your search criteria.

My website gives my clients a feel as to whether my business is a good fit for them. It’s a two-way street – my website filters out the wrong leads as well as attracting the right ones, meaning I spend my time on the clients who are going to invest with me.

I can’t recommend Brilliant Digital highly enough. I’m a huge fan. It is the only company that has taken the time to gain a deep understanding of me, my business, what I want to achieve and where I want to go with it.”

Ready to start the conversation?

Space to focus on your business

By investing in a team of experts to manage your digital marketing, not only do you get the best marketing results, but you have the time to focus on what you do best!

“The burden has been taken off my shoulders entirely, releasing me to get on with running my new company,” Julie notes.

“Marketing is not even something on my radar anymore; it just gets done for me by Brilliant Digital. I think I might spend five minutes each fortnight on it. Brilliant Digital tells me what’s working, what needs refining and I tell them to go ahead.

It’s all taken care of because I have full trust in Deb and the team. They know who I am and what I’m trying to do, and they represent me accordingly. I never have to retouch any of their work. It’s always exactly on point. I don’t even have to think about it.

Brilliant Digital has done everything they said they would do. I am really looking forward to seeing what the future holds for us.”

Learn more about our process, meet our team or contact us to find out more. You can also read more digital marketing success stories.

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