Why a Partnership Approach

Was the Key to Digital Marketing Success for Facilities First

As Australia’s leading privately owned and operated cleaning, maintenance and facility management company, Facilities First has grown rapidly in a short period of time.

After going through a complete rebrand and restructure, it was evident that their marketing and their website needed a complete transformation to reflect their purpose, growth and capabilities.

So, Facilities First was at a crossroads.

They could continue with their previous website that had a splash of images, colours and pretty fonts…

Or they could take their digital brand to the next level and generate better leads.

Facilities First had the right things in mind. They had a website which reflected their company through a series of photos, a brand new logo and a set colour scheme. They were able to demonstrate their journey from the restructure to where the business has settled.

But as Facilities First grew, it quickly became evident that their website was no longer in touch with their business; they were evolving into something bigger.

“We wanted to look the ‘same but different’. We didn’t want to lose our previous identity but we certainly wanted to refresh the identity we had. And obviously, we also wanted to show the evolution of change within the brand of Facilities First. It was evident really quickly to me and the executives that it was no longer in touch with who we are; we surpassed it.”

And as Janelle Dixon and the rest of her team brewed on that realisation, they knew that they needed a deeper transformation of their website to highlight Facilities First’s identity, their strong partnerships, and a complete overview of their services.

The art of listening and collaboration

The art of listening and collaboration

Janelle first heard Deb Croucher speak at a networking breakfast event.

“From time to time, I still participate and attend [networking events] when they’re of interest. It was all about the digital market and Deb Croucher was the presenter. I wanted to see what she would talk about in relation to social media.

I have to say, I was impressed from the get-go. Deb just spoke to me in the sense that all of the content that she was talking about was pinpointing exactly what my team and I were thinking about. It was great timing and I really enjoyed the storyboard that she presented.”

Since booking her initial consultation to the final product, Janelle and her team have been highly impressed by the level of commitment that Deb and the rest of the Brilliant Digital team have shown.

“I really value relationships with partners, certainly in business. But I think one of the key things where you win or lose, for me, is listening and understanding what I’m asking for. While we might not be using the vernacular or the ‘speak’ of marketing, we felt really comfortable with Deb, Philippa, Sarah and the extended Brilliant Digital team.

They always made us feel like we were a part of their space. They’ve made it really easy for us to say, ‘This is what we want the website to do, this is how we want it to look, this is what the process needs to be, this is how we want to interact with it,’ and they’ve really understood that scope and they’ve made the vision come to life, which is fabulous.”

Identifying clear deliverables and accountability

Identifying clear deliverables and accountability

As the construction of Facilities First’s new website took place, Janelle and the team were pleased to see that throughout the entire process, Brilliant Digital presented them with clear deliverables and a consistent level of accountability.

“As the General Manager for integration, I work through project plans. So for us, it was really easy to operate and work alongside Brilliant Digital because there were defined deliverables and systems in place. They always said, ‘We’re going to get back to you in week six and by this date,’ and everyone committed to that.

It helps everyone manage their time. Obviously, there was a lot that we had to provide and coordinate within the organisation to give the Brilliant Digital team what they needed to complete their tasks for our website. But it was easy for us because we were talking the same language from that perspective.”

It’s this type of care that Facilities First values and is deeply etched into their business, that convinced Facilities First that the partnership with Brilliant Digital was the right move to make.

Building care and trust

Building care and trust

At Facilities First, care is at the heart of everything they do. A strong culture of care flows through their organisation and into every place they clean, maintain and manage.

That’s why they had confidence in Brilliant Digital because care was demonstrated in the smallest gestures, all the way through to the quality service and end product.

“We really appreciated that everyone made an effort to understand the purpose of Facilities First, and care is one of the pillars. It’s certainly the strength of the relationship. Philippa and I were really organically moving from first knowing one another to working together side by side, even though we’re in different locations.

But also, all of the Brilliant Digital team – everyone – was really accessible, and we felt that everyone engaged with what our business is about and tried to understand it. All of our pillars and values were tapped off by the Brilliant Digital team.”

Glowing feedback and excitement

Glowing feedback and excitement

One of the key features that Brilliant Digital incorporated in Facilities First’s website is personal profiles and photos of the team. Not just CVs and successful projects, but personal profiles.

These profiles have been the single biggest point of joy from Facilities First staff.

“I’m so delighted to see pride in the business. Everyone was really excited to see themselves. Everyone went through the journey piece of building the collateral that went onto the website, whether it be the staff working on-site on various filming days or photo days, to the individual headshots that were taken for the business.

But moreover, when it launched, everyone was excited to see themselves and read about people. We’ve never talked about ourselves in that way; this is very much based on storytelling, so it’s a different approach and it’s been really refreshing.

In addition to that, we’ve had some really lovely feedback from the market, and it’s actually quite unexpected. Not only from our direct partners and clients but associates as well. Recently we had someone from one of our mutual partnerships in the law field write to us, ‘This is really lovely. I don’t get to work with you; however, I feel like I already know your business,’ as a direct response from reading the website. I thought that was really nice.”

A website that truly reflects Facilities First

A website that truly reflects Facilities First

When Brilliant Digital rebuilt the Facilities First website, the messaging was very clear in identifying who Facilities First is, and what they do, for whom.

The new website reflects that from the moment customers land on the first page.

“We really feel that the end product was just at such a high standard. It’s really crisp, really clean, and it’s gone from scope all the way to that delivery piece. It’s been quality all the way. We value that and we think the Brilliant Digital team has far exceeded our expectations. We’re really excited to be moving forward with now managing the website and just continually evolving it with the team.”

A partnership approach

At Brilliant Digital, our approach is to partner with our clients to get the best results. If you are ready to take the next step into the digital space with a website that will deliver you a steady stream of qualified leads, contact us to learn more about how we can get you there.You can also read more digital marketing results here.

It’s time to see sustained results

Are you ready? We aren’t your standard digital marketing agency. We avoid hype and noise. Instead, we work with you to develop a long-term partnership and deliver sustained business so you can thrive in the new digital era.

Contact us if you are ready to partner with a team of experts who are committed to your success.

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