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Brilliant Digital began as a family business and our team is now like a big extended family. We have decades of combined experience for every stage of your branding, marketing, website and software project – from digital strategists to writers, coders, designers, SEO experts, advertising experts and social media marketers. Many of our team are multi-skilled and many have a powerful T-shaped skillset. Every team member plays a vital role. Meet some of our skilled and passionate people here.

Deb Croucher

Founding Director

When I created Brilliant Digital I didn’t want to provide just another piece of the puzzle, I wanted to be able to deliver the full solution. We’ve achieved that and our results speak for themselves. Hundreds of happy clients… and counting!

Pete Croucher

Sales Director

I believe it’s our values that set Brilliant Digital apart. We partner with our clients and we are invested in their success. We want long-term success for our customers, and we will hold fast to what we know will bring them the greatest benefit.

Philippa Gonzalez

Head of Marketing

I’m a professional nerd, really. I get genuinely excited about analysing data and maximising results. You can have the most beautiful website in the world with the coolest features, but if you aren't seeing sustained brand growth, it is not working.

Jan Giffen

Client Manager

It means everything to our clients that we get it right. I owe it to them to do the best I can. And that same commitment is demonstrated right across the Brilliant Digital team. We will always go above and beyond to help our clients achieve results.

Zoe Lamont

Client Manager

Digital marketing has a lot of moving parts. It’s not simply about a website or a few social media posts… it’s about being strategic and looking at the whole picture to achieve a consistent and cohesive brand and message.

Hayley Rothery

Senior Project Manager

It's exciting to be part of a team that is always hitting goals - I never stop learning! No idea or suggestion is ever unheard in our company which means we are always at the top of our game – and the best part about our team is that there is no ego.

Davneet Singh Chawla

Project Lead, Development Team

I'm Brilliant Digital’s chief technical architect and the man who plugs any leaks and fixes any tech issues on our sites. And along with my team of developers, we keep all the Brilliant Digital websites purring and humming along efficiently.

Pablo Kanof

Project Lead, Design Team

I love the bustle and thriving creative environment that Brilliant Digital offers. Together with my team of designers, we manage massive projects for our clients. And we always deliver exceptional designs that knock their socks off!

Menchie Santamaria

Project Lead, WordPress Team

Together with my team, we work around the clock to add content to our clients' websites. Without us there would be no content, no well placed images and no meta tags to help the great content that the team produce be discovered.

Leah Jeffreys

Systems Manager

As Systems Manager, I sit in the Operations team, providing technical support to our growing brigade of digital marketing experts. Being an agency that specialises in online marketing and branding means it’s critical that we have our ‘digital ducks’ in a row… and systems are a huge part of our Ops running smoothly.

Stephanie Croucher

Project Manager

To work here, you need to be comfortable leading and accepting others’ leadership as well. We all work together in a respectful synergy. There’s no room for personal ego. We are here for our clients and their goals are what matter most.

Lucille Wilson

Senior Content Producer

I have built really solid relationships with my clients. I am always excited about sharing new ideas and ways to approach the market with content. I’m driven by seeing the results we get for our clients and hearing their positive feedback.

Noelle Reyes

Content Producer

I’ve never worked within a team that fosters such genuine relationships with both their team members and their clients. It’s a very rare thing in this industry and it makes a huge difference as a writer to know your team has your back.

Sharon Dowley

Content Producer

I love working with a new client and digging down to discover the gold that makes each company and each director different. I love identifying that unique value and bringing it forth in my writing so the rest of the world can see it too.

Gayle Oddy

Editor and Proofreader

If there’s a misplaced comma on the loose or an errant use of plurals on one of our websites, I'll find it. I read every word that our content team produce to ensure each and every one is polished, engaging, concise and error-free.

Danny Pinn

Video Producer

I get an immense feeling of satisfaction when the client has a good outcome from their video content. When we add those extra elements through the power of editing, we can lift the video up and that’s very rewarding.

Sonia Hickey

Content Producer

We have a really strong portfolio of clients here at Brilliant Digital which makes my role interesting. Every day is different. Every day is a challenge and an opportunity. All of this adds up to immense job satisfaction.

Taran Chawla

Project Manager

As a project manager, it's my job to keep projects whirring along on time and on budget. Everyone at Brilliant Digital is so good at what they do. Working here has made me a perfectionist... I only want to deliver the best!

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