How OSA Used Strategic Digital

Marketing to Build a Connection with Their Customers

It’s been two years since we first started working with Optical Solutions Australia to build their website… and since then the relationship has gone from strength to strength.

At Brilliant Digital we don’t deliver a website and walk away… the website is only the beginning. From there we make regular updates, add new content every month and push the brand further out into the market to draw in new leads and customers.

And OSA co-founder Dennis Zilic knows how valuable our approach has been for his business.

“We were weak there; we didn’t have any presence and now I believe we are very strong. If you do a Google search, we come up first. Our website, from what my customers tell me, is fantastic.”

Seamless process

When OSA came to us, they already had a website… but it was missing a key element that you need for success, even in highly technical businesses. And that was an emotional connection.

For a product based business, it’s very easy to jump straight to what you are offering, and those technical specifications are important… but if you miss the ‘why’ of your business and products or services, you won’t connect with your customers.

So, with the website we built for OSA, we injected the why into the content and the design. And this all happened over a short six-week period.

“We had some ideas, the Brilliant Digital team had some ideas and offered some better suggestions for us on how to do things. We gave them a skeleton that had quite a few holes in it. They went away, developed it and came back and said, ‘What do you think?’… and we went, ‘How good is this!’

We made a few changes back and forth for a little while but it was very seamless, and within six weeks we had a brand new website.”

Our fast website build process is crucial for our clients. A website is a big investment in your future success and the sooner you can launch it, the sooner you can start pushing yourself out to the market and seeing results.

Constantly adding value

At Brilliant Digital we pair killer websites with a practical approach to ongoing marketing. It all comes back to using your website and messaging to speak directly to your ideal client. We use regular website content with SEO, advertising, social media and EDMs (email marketing) to bring new customers to your website and convert them into leads.

It is the regular flow of new content that many businesses are missing… and that was the case for Dennis and OSA.

The Brilliant Digital team is constantly updating it for us these days, rather than me dragging out one of my staff… and then it all gets too hard so we just park it and nothing gets done and it becomes old. Whereas this way, they are on top of it for us on a weekly basis doing things and adding value.”

Dennis values the work we do and that we are responsive to his business needs.

“The writers at Brilliant Digital are great. I can call them and say ‘I need something done for me ASAP’ and they can turn it around in 15 minutes… sometimes customers just want something straight away from me and Brilliant Digital makes me look good because I can get it to my customer in that short a time.”

It’s all about the brand.

The first thing we do before we start any website build for our clients is to develop a brand strategy… and this drives everything we do. The brand strategy informs the design and we weave the brand through every page of content we write.

And Dennis knows how important the brand is to his success.

“It’s all about the brand… we pop up on searches more often. All the material they show to me to measure all our market segments that we’re trying to hit, it’s all grown. The traffic is fantastic, so we’re very happy with the end result.”

A cohesive brand strategy has taken the great work that OSA was doing, packaged it up and presented it back out to the market. This was the key element they were missing before working with Brilliant Digital.

Lead conversion

The websites we build generate leads. Many of our clients are blown away by the number of leads they start receiving so soon after launching their new website. And OSA is no different. One thing that OSA does very well is converting those leads to actual sales… which in our experience isn’t a skill that every business has. Dennis explains the numbers:

“We get maybe 10 leads a week and the current strike rate varies in different states. The ones that go to WA – they’re almost 100%. So, every lead that we generate off the website that goes to WA, that turns into an order. In other branches it varies between 40-70% conversion into an actual sale… so we’re very happy with that.”

The great thing about digital marketing is that it’s measurable. You can measure, track and refine as you go. We always talk to our clients about the numbers and how they are tracking… and then support them with conversion strategies where required.

Continuing the journey

Over two years the OSA and Brilliant Digital teams have built a solid relationship. Our team works closely with Dennis’s team to drive content and strategy through the website and other platforms.

We aim to build a long-term relationship with every client we work with. We know we can deliver a killer website… but we also know that sustained effort and staying on brand through a defined strategy is what is going to get that website pumping leads.

If you are ready to partner with a digital marketing agency that can help you reach new levels in business, contact us to learn more about our proven process for results. You can also read more digital marketing results here.

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