How Strategic Digital Marketing

Has Elevated the Danrae Business to the Next Level

A website that lacked strategy and generated the wrong leads

Danrae are the experts in waterproofing diagnostics, remediation and construction. They’ve provided exceptional waterproofing and remedial building services… but their old website just didn’t reflect that.

Their old website was not speaking directly to their target market. Not only that, but it failed to highlight their exceptional capability and brand.

They had an important decision to make. Danrae could continue with their old website, losing opportunities left, right and centre…

Or they could consult a digital marketing agency that offers their clients a complete solution, diving deep into their business to connect the dots and create an effective and proven brand strategy.

So, after working with Deb Croucher and the extended Brilliant Digital team, Danrae Group’s CEO, Daniel Caruana, was pleased to see that their new website grew from strength to strength… and the momentum is certainly not slowing down any time soon.

Finding a strategic digital marketing plan

Finding a strategic digital marketing plan

Daniel knew that if he wanted Danrae’s business to continue growing, he needed a website that would attract the right customers and help the business plant its feet in the right market.

So Daniel and his team hired a web developer, hoping to see results. Instead, it was a simple profile, with no strategic design towards key customers or promoting the services that Danrae offered.

The disappointment was an understatement.

“The gap was really around attracting the right customers; we just didn’t have a complete strategy around that. But once we worked out our business strategy a bit better and we found the marketing strategy we needed, we had a better idea of what companies to look for to get this done,” says Daniel.

Daniel met Deb Croucher through Western Sydney Business Connection and was impressed from the get-go with what Deb had to offer.

“What I found with Brilliant Digital is that they really fit the bill in all areas. So, when I put it out to tender, there were three other companies that I was also looking at. But Brilliant Digital’s experience in the digital world was exactly what I was looking for. The Internet is moving and digital is now a key component in how we do business.

Brilliant Digital not only knew how to create a real strategy around our marketing, but also how to execute that.”

Understanding the family business dynamic

Understanding the family business dynamic

Not only is Danrae a long-term provider of large-scale waterproofing solutions, but they’re also a trusted family business.

And when Daniel learned that Brilliant Digital is a second-generation family business, that was the icing on the cake.

“What I like about Brilliant Digital is that they are a family business. They understand the family business dynamic. From the beginning of our tender to where we are now, Deb has been very upfront in dealing with us. She’s very clear on what we are getting, what we’re not getting and what they have to offer.

They had a good look at what we had initially and gave us good input on what we were missing and what we needed. On top of that, she just addressed every single point in my tender, which was great.”

With a mutual understanding of the value of family businesses, Daniel knew that he was in the best and most capable hands.

“Because they’re a family business, they really get to the heart of who the company is. They’ve spent time talking with us and understanding our services and how we operate with the customer, and they’ve been able to showcase the process of how we operate.

It all comes together. When the customer sees that, there’s a special ‘wow’ factor and they know what they’re getting straight away.”

Creating a website that reflects the Danrae brand

Creating a website that reflects the Danrae brand

Danrae brings a wealth of experience, energy and dedication and they establish their expertise with clients, right from the start.

With their brand new website, those core values are better reflected, and the case studies and blogs explain the multitude of ways that Danrae works with clients and what it can achieve for them.

From the way the website highlights their expertise, to their process, to the sectors that Danrae works for, there’s just simply no doubt that Danrae is truly the waterproofing expert.

“In terms of the biggest highlights of the new website, I would have to say it’s the lead generation and brand awareness that have been the top of the list. The consistent output of blogs and articles have definitely improved website traffic.

The website is phenomenal; the videos have so much quality, the way our brand is presented has made a huge difference in our market. People now know who Danrae is; it’s worked really well.”

Not only has Danrae’s brand strengthened through quality content and design, but it’s also reaped massive opportunities for the business.

“We definitely got a project based on the website’s look. As soon as the client went on the website and they looked at all of our case studies and what we’ve done, they said, ‘You’ve got the job.’”

Improved digital presence and strong brand awareness

Improved digital presence and strong brand awareness

“The marketing from where we started to where we are now has definitely contributed to our growth. We’ve had a 60% increase in revenue in the last year, which is fantastic. Our clients are becoming more confident in the Danrae brand. As soon as they see us and the website, they’re confident and there’s a relationship of trust.

I truly appreciate that Brilliant Digital has really gone into the heart of what we do and helped showcase that to the rest of the market.”

Danrae’s new website is seeing very positive results and will only continue to strengthen in 2020. In January 2020, there was an increase of more than 30% of visitors to the website, including new and returning visitors.

Advertising also reaped massive results for Danrae’s new website, resulting in an increase of 35% in Google Advertising.

Danrae’s social media presence is also growing. Across their Facebook profile, there has been a 98% increase on impressions and 71% on clicks.

Daniel couldn’t be happier with the results.

A growing partnership with Brilliant Digital

A growing partnership with Brilliant Digital

At Brilliant Digital, we do marketing differently. We aren’t your standard digital marketing agency.

What we offer is a complete solution that delivers measurable results. We offer a future-focused approach that will bring your business in line with a strategy that will set you up for success.

But we will leave it to Daniel to sum up Danrae’s experience with Deb and the Brilliant Digital team so far:

“We’ve really gotten to know Deb and the way the Brilliant Digital team operates through her. Our interactions have always been straight to the point. Everyone understands what needs to get done, and the whole team is easy to get along with.

There are never any problems, they’re quick to solve any issues, and the communication has been really great. They’re always updating us as we go through projects and that’s how the relationship has been strengthened; it’s the trust in delivery.”

At Brilliant Digital, our approach is to partner with our clients to get the best results. If you are ready to take the next step into the digital space with a website that will deliver you a steady stream of qualified leads, contact us to learn more about how we can get you there. You can also read more digital marketing results here.

It’s time to see sustained results

Are you ready? We aren’t your standard digital marketing agency. We avoid hype and noise. Instead, we work with you to develop a long-term partnership and deliver sustained business so you can thrive in the new digital era.

Contact us if you are ready to partner with a team of experts who are committed to your success.

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Danrae Group

Danrae Group

After working with Brilliant Digital on a complete digital marketing strategy, Danrae Group’s CEO, Daniel Caruana, was pleased to see that their new website grew from strength to strength.



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