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Cultural Chameleon‘s founder, Sally Anne Gaunt, is uniquely qualified to advise on doing business in Asia and managing multi-cultural environments.

Not only does she have the academic qualifications (with a Masters of Asian Studies) but she also has vast experience gained from years of living and working in Asia. Sally Anne is a master facilitator, who uses real life examples to engage teams give them the confidence and skills they need to do business successfully with the Asia-Pacific region.

However, as her business expanded, her original website was not reflecting the many facets of Cultural Chameleon. It desperately needed to:

  • look more professional to attract her target market,
  • clearly define the different facets of her business, and
  • be better optimised to increase organic search traffic
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“It came down to managing expectations.”

“When I met Deb Jeffreys I knew I needed to fix my website in order to increase my sales and I was deciding between several different digital marketing companies,” says Cultural Chameleon founder, Sally Anne Gaunt.

“I came to one of Deb’s seminars and was impressed by her approachability. I realised I could ask her questions and she wouldn’t fob me off or baffle me with jargon.”

“But in the end, the decision to go with Brilliant Blue came down to managing expectations. I realised that Deb wouldn’t over-promise and she would also deliver what she said she could do. I knew I could trust her and she gave me confidence.”

The importance of face-to-face strategy meetings

The Brilliant Blue website build begins with a process of interview and discussion.

“I cannot emphasise enough how important these initial face-to-face meetings were to my ability to clearly define my target audience and build a clear digital marketing strategy,” says Sally Anne.

“The time spent in those initial meetings really made the whole process easy. It gave Brilliant Blue the information they needed go away and rebrand, freeing up both of our time.”

“I was really impressed with Deb’s level of research and the fact that she really took the time to help me understand my business. It provided us both with a clear focus on exactly what we needed the website to achieve. ”

The Brilliant Blue team understood that Sally Anne was time poor, so the most efficient use of her time was that first critical face-to-face meeting.

“Once we had that vital information, we could keep Sally Anne informed and involved throughout the process, but at the same time ensure that meetings were kept to a minimum.  We were able to effectively and efficiently use a variety of technology platforms to prevent unnecessary meetings.”

Cultural Chameleon Website

Clearly defining key service areas

The Brilliant Blue Internet Marketing team quickly realised that one of the most important things they needed to do was to bring clarity and focus to the website.

Cultural Chameleon’s main focus is helping businesses master the art of doing business in the Asia-Pacific region, but they also offer so much more:

  • managing virtual teams and international staff
  • multicultural team building
  • expatriate training

Brilliant Blue’s solution was to clearly define the other key areas of service and restructure the website into user-friendly, easily accessible and clearly defined areas of service.

Working together with a clear strategy

The Brilliant Blue Internet Marketing Team provided a fast, end-to-end solution to clearly re-brand Cultural Chameleon by:

  • lifting the website to reflect the level of professionalism of Cultural Chameleon
  • clearly defining the key areas of service
  • providing a logical structure and layout so key information was clearly accessible
  • refining and adding value to the blog posts
  • choosing images that represent the business

The final step for the Brilliant Blue Internet Marketing team was to send the right traffic to the new site.  We achieved this through search engine optimisation, digital advertising, electronic database marketing and social media marketing.

An entirely new website that delivers in just a matter of weeks

The entire Cultural Chameleon website rebuild was seamlessly completed in just a matter of weeks and the results were immediate.

“I was firstly surprised at just how quickly and smoothly the rebuilding process was, and secondly, by how quickly the rebranded website delivered new leads to our business,” says Sally Anne.

By using branding messages that were appropriate to Cultural Chameleon’s target market, the new website immediately attracted the right target market and converted website traffic to warm leads.

An ongoing partnership that gets results

Now that the rebranded website is up and running the Brilliant Blue team continue working in a long-term partnership with Cultural Chameleon to maximise their digital marketing strategy, through optimized blog posts, social media and seminars. Cultural Chameleon’s next seminar Make Your Business with Asia more Profitable is on 9th September in North Sydney. The seminar is free and you can book online here

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The final outcome is a website that attracts its target audience, is easier to navigate, clearly defines the areas of service, and delivers warm leads to the business… and the build process was hassle free!

“I started seeing results straight away” says Sally Anne. “It just reinforced the fact that I made the right decision to choose a digital marketing company that took the time to understand my business and then helped me focus on targeting the right market, with a clear strategy.”

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