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Brilliant Digital’s capability is extensive and broad. What sets us apart is our strategic skill and our ability to deliver a cohesive, seamless solution that is firmly focused on your market while still providing the operational efficiency you need inside the business.

Digital strategy

Many of our clients come to us having previously invested large sums of money in digital solutions that failed to deliver the results they were looking for. In many cases, an ineffective digital strategy was a key issue.

A good digital strategist considers all the elements of the solution mix then uses years of industry experience to strategically combine the elements in the right way to deliver results for your business.

To do this your strategist must fully understand your market and your business and be able to inspire and lead the creative and technical teams to execute the solution.

Brand strategy

Your digital brand is everything people can find about you in the digital space. A great digital brand gives a fabulous first impression, builds trust and ultimately grows your top line.

Creating and strategically growing your digital brand is a key element of Brilliant Digital’s suite of services.

Backed by specialist skills and years of industry experience, our expert team knows how to create a powerful online representation of your business so you stand out from your competitors on a global – and very noisy – stage.

A key element of our digital brand strategy is creating consistent messaging and making sure we stay firmly focused on your market.

Value articulation

Many businesses find it difficult to clearly communicate their unique value to their audience.

No wonder. Articulating your unique value is very difficult to do.

A great outcome requires strategic support and well-developed brand writing skills to create compelling and engaging content.

Our team of brand writers have years of experience in writing concise, clear messages that speak to your market and build trust in your ability to deliver.

Brand storytelling

Which brings us to the powerful humanising element of brand storytelling. Straight up, if you fail to connect with your audience on an emotional level, your digital marketing efforts will be in vain.

We see it every day… websites that lose the message completely through clumsy writing. Which is why we have developed the art of narrative brand storytelling by using powerful storytelling elements.

People are drawn in by real stories of real, relatable people.

Our content producers know how to use words to engage your audience on an emotional level so they’ll remember you.

Whether we produce a 50-word social media post or a 10,000-word website, our approach is the same… simple storytelling – backed by a structured content framework – that packs a punch.

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Website solutions

A website is more than just your digital home… it’s the cornerstone of your digital brand and connects you with your existing and potential customers.

The right website will be your hardest-working employee, delivering sustained brand growth year on year.

Brilliant Digital website solutions are innovative, effective and optimised for search. They

  • Accurately portray your business
  • Explain your value to your market
  • Deliver opportunity to your inbox
  • Are robust and secure
  • Flexible design to grow with you

Custom eCommerce

A successful eCommerce website opens up new sales channels and is your direct gateway to your consumers.

Brilliant Digital have the strategic capability to build a custom eCommerce website that delivers on its three most important functions:

  • Building trust with your consumer
  • Bringing the right traffic to your website
  • Taking your customers on a seamless purchasing journey.

Website development for eCommerce business requires specialist skills and knowledge, coupled with strong leadership and strategic thinking. And at Brilliant Digital, we’ve got it all in spades.

Website integrations

An effective website ERP integration means your audience can easily find everything they are looking for and go on a seamless journey from the home page to purchasing or viewing their recent history in the client portal.

Product data only ever has to be entered once in your ERP (or even better, it flows through from suppliers). And any changes you make to that product data seamlessly flow to your website.

Our team of digital experts have the technical and strategic know-how to use efficient website integrations to improve your business efficiency and deliver top-line growth.

Software Solutions

Every successful business in today’s digital world makes significant investments in software. This is non-negotiable.

The best returns in terms of top-line growth and increased efficiency come from software solutions that are market-led, people-focused and seamlessly integrated through the entire business.

At Brilliant Digital we are deeply passionate about helping you choose the best software that increases efficiency for your business and is a custom fit for your specific needs.

Digital Marketing

Strategically executing all the elements of the digital marketing mix is at the heart of what we do.

Our digital strategists create a robust plan to deliver content marketing, SEO, digital advertising, social media marketing and email marketing.

Our team of content producers continuously apply a strong foundation of search engine optimised content, which forms the golden thread in your digital marketing.

We will navigate the confusing digital marketing landscape for you… so you can get on with what it is you do best – running your business.

Data Analytics

How do you know whether you are achieving success in digital marketing? Are you reaching your target audience? How is your audience finding you online? How do they use your website? What device are they using?

Answering questions about your audience and how they are responding to your digital marketing efforts puts you in a powerful position to read around the corner. Our detailed data reporting provides insights about your audience’s geographic, how they use your website and we can tell which pages on your website generates the most search results.

Ultimately you’ll know which marketing activity gives you the best return on your investment which allows you to identify future growth opportunities.

Data analytics lingo can often sound confusing to the layman.  We’ll help you understand each aspect of our detailed report so that can confidently use the statistics to spot future opportunities based on concrete results and your business direction.

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