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Posted by Deb Croucher | November 7, 2019

Something we’re very proud of at Brilliant Digital is our amazing pool of talent. We bring together many different skill sets and experiences. We each work to our strengths to form the ultimate collaboration – a team that delivers a successful digital marketing solution.

It is vital for business owners to understand what skill sets will deliver successful digital marketing outcomes… particularly for those who have struggled to achieve results in the past.

Often they have employed a marketing assistant in-house to ‘sort out’ their marketing.

That poor person is trying to deliver strategic output and high-quality work… but it might only be part of their role. There is no focus.

It becomes apparent that they don’t have the skill set to be effective and don’t know what they don’t know… not everyone is an expert.

They might send a few emails, they might do a few Facebook posts, but there is very little strategic output. The net result is that the business owner spends a lot of money but doesn’t actually get results. Meanwhile, their competitors are moving forward… it’s all a bit frustrating.

If the right people with the right skill sets work together in a strategic way… digital marketing will deliver results… namely brand awareness, sales, leads and business growth.

Strategy - your sacred text

If we start from the beginning, brand strategy is the key skill.

You need someone who can use their knowledge and experience to extract the brand story from your business.

And then put that down in words on a website. That’s the key messaging, your UVP (unique value proposition), your ‘what you do for whom and why’.

A good strategist knows how to understand and interpret your unique stories… the stories behind your business, your product and your team… and make sure they are written in an engaging way that prospects will love.

Through this messaging, ideal prospects can immediately see that your business will solve their problems. The brand strategist is vital… if you don’t get the strategy right, everything else you do will fail.

Digital writing is hard

The next essential skill set is great copywriting – not everyone can do it well.

Once you’ve got your key messaging nailed, someone needs to create ongoing content for the website that attracts Google Search and provides content for social media.

There is no point in having an awesome brand and product if you can’t tell people about them in an engaging, relatable and well-crafted way. Decent writing is fundamental – without it, your marketing effort will deliver nothing.

Has it got the look?

Following on, don’t forget the importance of fantastic design. It’s crucial.

Any project work that you do, from website builds to newsletters and banners, needs to be beautifully designed… by a designer!

Don’t be complacent here, as the bar has been set pretty high. Incredible visuals bombard people all day long… so they are expecting great things from great companies.

Grab their attention or they’ll go elsewhere.

Designs that are on trend, visually appealing, bang up to date and provide a great user experience are essential. They can make or break your brand.

Coders are the new rock stars

The next piece of the skill set puzzle is programming.

You need an expert coder. Someone who knows how to make websites that work, that are robust, built to best practice and again offer an awesome user experience.

Little things matter with websites – the links work, the site works across all platforms and devices, Google loves them… they don’t break!

Yes, coders, you are rock stars.

Marketing and IT - the odd couple

It might come as a surprise to learn that coders and creatives do not speak the same language. Leave them to communicate with each other and your project will drag on and holes will appear.

Worse still is when you head up a project with a designer or programmer… it won’t deliver. Each is expert in their own field, absolutely…

but it should be the project manager who oversees the work and acts as that bridge between the two camps.

The project manager’s skill is to foster understanding across the team… and they ensure the outcome is what the client actually wants.

The project manager must also make sure the work aligns with the overarching digital marketing strategy. It must have the end user in mind the whole time.

The right platforms for you

A skilled account manager will know the best way to harness the power of social media.

They know which platforms work for which scenarios and markets, and the best conversations to have on each.

The other skill they have is managing online advertising.

They understand how to use Google Ads and Google retargeting, Facebook ads and retargeting, LinkedIn if the budget is available… they will use the right mix of all those different ad platforms to make sure you get results.

...And back to strategy

Once your website is up and running, you need to get the right prospects’ eyes on it… and that comes back to strategy.

A digital strategist will lead you in the right direction, tell you what keywords and messaging to use, what areas you need to target… and where the focus needs to be to continue to deliver results.

What often happens with digital marketing is that creative people get lots of ideas… they go off on tangents that aren’t necessarily relevant to the business and its brand.

It’s the strategist’s job to bring them back to where they need to be and keep moving in the right direction…

…and to keep the output flowing. Creatives are often better at starting projects than finishi… where were we? Oh yes! Make sure those stories get finished and added to the website and social media platforms. You want to get the maximum use of every piece of valuable content.

Be wary of recruiting a graduate still wet behind the ears to manage your digital marketing. There’s a huge amount of skill needed to deliver a great outcome. Consider whether you understand the breadth and depth of knowledge required to achieve brand awareness, an increase in leads and business growth. Otherwise, you may end up wondering why you’re not seeing results…

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