Family Business Central's

Digital Marketing Transformation

A digital transformation for Family Business Central

Philip Pryor founded Family Business Central to help family businesses survive and thrive for generations to come.

It’s a world-leading consultancy, assisting family businesses throughout Australia and New Zealand to reach their potential.

When Philip came to Brilliant Digital, he was looking to expand operations, particularly in New Zealand.

To do this, he needed clarity about his service, improved brand awareness and to reimagine his website.

The importance of family

The importance of family

Family businesses account for almost half of all businesses in Australia – and they are the biggest employers of people in the country – they are vital to the economy.

Therefore the work FBC does to help these businesses thrive is not just important, it’s essential.

The importance of working with Family Business Central is personal for Deb Croucher:

“Brilliant Digital itself is a family business – my daughter works in the business and my husband is coming into the business very soon, too. So it’s quite exciting to have a family business and be working within this space.”

Transforming FBC’s digital presence

Transforming FBC’s digital presence

In just a few months, we have worked with Philip to lift his digital presence and showcase his fabulous business.

We have consolidated his piecemeal content and are telling a powerful, consistent, compelling story.

We have created a beautiful, easy to navigate website.

And we have helped him to define and get his message across – the importance of family businesses working and sticking together to create a legacy for the future.

Philip now has a strong online presence, with engaging content and video explaining what he does and how. And the markets are opening up…

A complete solution

A complete solution

“I met Deb four months ago and instantly got a sense of someone I could work with, and that’s been the same with the whole team,” explains Philip.

“I probably only understand about half of what she says! But what has happened over the last few months is that she and her team have completely transformed my website.

I thought I had a beautiful website – I paid a designer a lot of money for it – but Deb’s team has completely turned it around.”

A sense of relief

A sense of relief

Now that the FBC website is doing its job, the Brilliant team meets with Philip once a week to manage his ongoing digital marketing.

“I have this sense of relief because they’re dealing with everything for me. Things like SEO – whatever that is, social media – I know a little bit about that, Google Analytics – whatever the hell that is!

My sense is that they are just getting dealt with,” he explains.

Digital marketing delivers tangible results

Digital marketing delivers tangible results

Google Analytics and SEO may seem like the dark arts, but they are measurable, and that’s great for Philip – what client doesn’t want to see results in black and white?

“When Deb goes through the results of our marketing, I can see what’s happening; it’s a tangible thing. And for me that’s just an enormous relief – because these things that I actually know are important are being dealt with.”

For Deb, it’s been an incredible journey working with Philip and seeing him achieve his aims. “We’ve opened up the New Zealand market which was a goal for Phil and we’re getting some really nice results for him. It’s an absolute joy to work on his account.”

Show your passion for your business

Philip’s solution is incredibly valuable and his passion for what he does, clearly evident in his video storytelling, is indisputable.

He teaches people to manage the business of family. Those businesses can then run smoothly, and the families within them are happy and working together productively.

And when the family is happy, the business will be happy and healthy too.

We will leave it to Philip to sum up his experience with Deb and Brilliant Digital so far: “Deb is very easy to work with. Her team are great, they get back to me. It’s been a delight, an absolute delight. Frankly I think she’s saved my business.”  You can also read more digital marketing results here.

It’s time to see sustained results

Are you ready? We aren’t your standard digital marketing agency. We avoid hype and noise. Instead, we work with you to develop a long-term partnership and deliver sustained business so you can thrive in the new digital era.

Contact us if you are ready to partner with a team of experts who are committed to your success.

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