How Digital Marketing and Storytelling Changed Ian Donald’s Business

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The problem

Ian Donald’s optometry business had an outdated website that wasn’t optimised for search and couldn’t be used as an effective marketing tool. They were time poor and needed someone to take ownership of their digital marketing.

The solution

Brilliant Digital worked with Ian Donald to define a clear digital marketing strategy. A team of experienced content producers wrote compelling content for their brand new website that connects with their audience and implements SEO.

The results

Ian Donald Optometry now enjoys digital brand consistency and they experience on a daily basis how their digital presence is bringing new clients through the door. Clicks and goal conversions on their website increased dramatically.

Traditional customer service and powerful digital marketing the perfect combination for Ian Donald

Ian Donald Optometrist is a leading optometrist and specialist eyewear dispenser. The business has been part of the community and a fixture on the Manly Corso for decades.

It had been relying on traditional marketing methods, but a change in partnership was an opportunity for a fresh start and a move into the digital age.

Ian Donald explains how digital marketing, tailored to his B2C optometry company, changed his business while maintaining his traditional customer service ethic.

A fresh start

“Before working with Brilliant Digital, we had a basic website that we gave little attention to. It wasn’t kept up to date, and although we knew we had to have it, we weren’t actively using it as a marketing tool.

We never got around to managing it effectively. No one in the business felt comfortable or had the passion to deal with it. And we found we never had enough time to devote to it.

I knew that we needed to be more up with the times with digital marketing, so when my partners left the business, I looked at it as a fresh start.

My accountant recommended Brilliant Digital to me, and I trusted him completely. I knew things needed to be done better, so I felt confident in engaging them to manage our digital marketing.”

Today's word of mouth

“Digital Marketing is certainly a considered investment, and at the time I had to do a fit out for my business, as we were moving across the road… I had a lot of expenses.

But I knew it would be a good investment long-term. I accepted that I had to do it to keep up with the times.

We’ve never really done a lot of media ads in the past, always relying on word of mouth.

But with so many people on their devices these days, digital marketing is today’s word of mouth! I realised we needed to get involved in Facebook and I knew of colleagues who were doing that sort of thing. I knew to go forward, the business needed to have a digital presence.”

The right team for the job

“I am aware that digital marketing is a powerful tool, but I had not felt comfortable managing it myself. We didn’t have the right person to take control.

Finding Brilliant Digital has been fantastic. To have someone who knows what it’s all about, it’s been great and is working well for us.

Everyone on the team is so easy to deal with and very professional. They’re very knowledgeable about their area of expertise. I’m glad I made the move!”

A perfect partnership

“Deb Croucher interviewed me and defined the strategy. And she brought writers in to talk to me and the staff. It was a pretty straightforward process.

Deb has that personality you feel you can trust straight away. I got the feeling that she’s been in a similar situation to me.

I had a lot going on at the time, but it all happened behind the scenes without needing much input from me… it wasn’t hard or unpleasant, and we knew we had to do it. Once they’d done some writing, we tweaked some of the technical jargon to make it flow.

Now I meet with Brilliant Digital once a month. The client manager comes in and we talk about ads and content. She sends me copy for review before posting.

I still struggle to wrap my head around how it all works; using Facebook and targeting the right market… but I have faith in Deb and her team to make it work for me.

They know what they’re doing. If I trust someone, I know I can delegate to them – I am happy to do that.

It feels like a partnership for sure. If I wanted more input or if I wanted to burrow into specifics, Brilliant Digital would be happy for me to do so…

I have faith in Brilliant Digital to do the job for me; it couldn’t be a better partnership.”


Stories work their magic

“Using storytelling on the website is less boring for people to read than just stats, which you find on a lot of business websites. Stories make you more human.

I have had people come in and say they’ve seen my story on our website and read how long I’ve worked here… from my point of view, it’s more interesting than when I used to read my website! It’s much more engaging.”

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Traditional service, cutting-edge marketing

“We have always relied on our great customer service generating word of mouth referrals. And our location on the Corso… we still aim to give people the best service and the best optometrist to bring their family and friends to see.

But Brilliant Digital brings in the people who might not have been past before… and keeps our brand in people’s minds.

I would say digital marketing is a good, very worthwhile investment to make in your business. If you have any hesitation or uncertainty about how well it can work, put those fears aside and go for it!

We’ve been with Brilliant Digital for a couple of years now and we’re busier than we’ve ever been. It’s amazing how the whole thing comes about…”

To find out how digital marketing can transform your business, contact us today. You can also read more digital marketing results here.

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As a digital strategy consultancy we can can turn your business around

As a digital strategy consultancy we can can turn your business around

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As a digital strategy consultancy we can can turn your business around

Custom website design and development that focusers on your market

Custom website design and development that focusers on your market

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Custom website design and development that focusers on your market

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