How Partnering with a Digital Marketing Agency Turned First Financial's Business Around

100 %

Click through rate


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300 %


The problem

First Financial had a website built many years ago that did not successfully tell their brand story to the market and brought almost no leads to their door. They could not see a solid return on their investment in digital marketing.

The solution

The digital marketing experts at Brilliant Digital transformed First Financial’s website into a useful information hub for prospective clients… a user friendly site that connects with their market by telling the team’s stories and is optimised for search.

The results

In the first three months after the launch of their new website, the number of qualified leads First Financial received went up from one per month to four per week. Up until now, they’ve seen a 300% increase in click through rate on their website.

A fast increase in leads for First Financial

Principal and Managing Director Chris White and the team at First Financial pride themselves on looking for the optimal way of doing things. For over 15 years they have taken a strategic approach to working with clients and delivering their financial planning and superannuation management services.

But an ineffective website meant that for a long time they were ‘the best-kept secret in Melbourne’.

Partnering with Brilliant Digital as a digital marketing expert for a B2C finance company has turned their business around and their leads have gone from one per month to four per week.

A need for brand awareness

“Before we started working with Brilliant Digital, we worked with another marketing company that built a website for us, but that was really all. It was an expense that we knew we had to have, but we were getting no leads from it.

There was a lot of talk about SEO, but I didn’t understand what it meant. We were getting one lead per month from the website as it was… we understood that we could to do a lot better than that.

We realised there was an opportunity to use the digital world to get our brand out into the market. The advisors at First Financial do a great job, but they weren’t being recognised for what they do – we were the best-kept secret in Melbourne! It was very important for me to get our brand message out to compete in the market.”

A website to build on

“I saw Deb Croucher do a presentation at a seminar, and she was able to run through the process that Brilliant Digital use with their clients.

She explained to us very clearly that you must have a good website that people can land on. We had a website, but we weren’t convinced it was the best we could have.

Initially, there was some debate about whether we’d change our website – and I’m glad that we did. 

Now we have a much better information hub for prospective clients to land on and get all the information they need, and it’s something we can build on. I was really happy we made the commitment to rebuild the site – it was a great investment for us.”

Powerful customer stories

“Deb’s strategy was something I could put my trust in. And the other thing that resonated with us was when she talked about client stories and how important they are for the website.

We had started with that idea, but we hadn’t gone the full gamut; we hadn’t asked the right questions. So, having the opportunity to reset and start that again has really been positive.

The client stories on our site are very powerful.”

Relatable content

“Our website content focuses a lot on our clients’ stories and also on us as a team at First Financial.

It allows our prospects to get an insight into what makes our clients and our partners tick. And also it gives a sense that we are large enough to look after our clients, but not too large to ignore the client relationship – that’s the most important thing that we can do.

An important part of what Brilliant Digital does for us is provide regular content for blogs… this is another channel through which we can market to our clients.”

A proven strategy

“I had no idea what SEO meant before working with Brilliant Digital, and I’d never been a Facebook user…

so the whole digital marketing thing was out of my jurisdiction; my knowledge was limited in that regard.

We trusted our first group that built our site because we didn’t know any better. But I got the sense we weren’t getting value for money. Before we made the decision to partner with Brilliant Digital, we interviewed three or four other marketing companies.

But I wasn’t convinced they were all on the same page as us with regards to telling our clients’ stories.

However, with Brilliant Digital, we were confident we were on the same page, and that they had a strategy we could adopt and use.”

A trusted partner and team effort

“We now speak to Brilliant Digital weekly. We have a catch up to discuss what the plan is, what’s going on and what happened the previous week.

And then we have monthly meetings when we talk about the bigger picture, the statistics behind what’s happening on the website, what leads we are getting…

And whilst it was important in the first few meetings to understand what each statistic meant in terms of click views and such, I’ve got confidence now that I don’t need to understand it all that well. We now have a partner that does it for us – we don’t have to do it ourselves. It’s a team effort.

We have a conduit between the two groups – Ilana from our Operations Team meets each week with Brilliant Digital and reports back to the team.”

Fast increase in leads

“I’m very comfortable now with using Facebook as a marketing tool – it does seem to be delivering.

The number of leads we now get has increased considerably since we started our journey with Brilliant Digital.

We’re already seeing three or four leads per week, whereas before we would only get one per month.

In a short time, what Brilliant Digital is doing is working.”

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Experts who are 'worth their weight in gold'

“If you consider yourself too busy to invest in digital marketing, it doesn’t matter – it’s not about time – there’s no way I could do this myself even if I had an extra 10 hours per week…  I don’t have the expertise.

You need to partner with someone who knows what they’re doing.

With something as complex as digital marketing, it’s a very specific field – having people who know what they’re doing is worth its weight in gold.”

Talk to us today about our turnkey digital marketing solution. You can also read more digital marketing results here.

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