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OSA appreciates a turnkey digital marketing solution from a team of experts

OSA is a great Australian company, but if you looked at their website a year ago, you wouldn’t know it.

Brilliant Digital Founder Deb Croucher and OSA Co-Founder Dennis Zilic talk about their growing partnership and how harnessing digital marketing delivered by a team of experts shows a true reflection of OSA in the market.


The need for emotional connection

The need for emotional connection

“OSA is a great company. They’ve grown in the last 20 years to become Australia’s leading network solutions and distribution company,” Deb explains.

“But when you went to their previous website you would never have known that because it was a product website… a technical website.

If you knew OSA you could find and choose a product, maybe have a chat with the guys. It didn’t reflect the great company that OSA is.

It didn’t reflect a huge section of their business, around research, development or testing solutions for big companies… or providing big design

solutions for large products like they did for a hospital in the Northern Beaches. It didn’t reflect the company’s range of services.

Because it was very technical, it was missing an emotional connection. And it was missing the key messaging and storytelling element that takes technical information and explains it in a non-technical way.”

Dennis knew the website needed improvement. “Like most companies, it was probably at a stalemate. You get a website company to build your website and it’s great… but 6 months later you look at it and it needs updating.

We’re a technical business so we need to keep the information up to date. Customers were ringing and asking ‘Don’t you sell this?’ and we realised we didn’t have it on the website.

So that’s where we were initially. We did some things internally… we looked after it ourselves. But finding the right time and balance of people to do everything wasn’t working very well.

Then I heard Deb Croucher speak at a function and I liked what I heard. So I got Deb in and now I couldn’t be happier.”

What a difference Brilliant Digital has made

What a difference Brilliant Digital has made

Having a dedicated team of experts has made things a lot easier for OSA. Marketing is now a main focus rather than a sideline, and this couldn’t have been achieved with in-house resources.

Deb says “A huge impact that we’ve had on OSA is providing them with professionals with a high-level skill set working solely on their business.

Like lots of companies that we work for, they’d been trying to do this in-house for a long time but a) they didn’t have the skillset and b) they were getting pulled away to do other things.

So we put a dedicated team in place and this freed them up get on with that they’re good at.”

Dennis agrees. “The difference is I’ve left my marketing to the professionals who know how to do it and maintain it for me. We have access to a couple of really good key staff. Cathy, the storyteller, writes content and blogs for us all the time – we didn’t have that before.

When you’re relying on technical people to write stories, people who aren’t technical can’t read it, it goes over their head and you lose the message.

Now, the message is a lot clearer. The only issue we have is keeping the content coming for Cathy because she’s so far ahead!”

Creating a winning strategy...

Creating a winning strategy...

Coming up with a successful strategy for a company like OSA can be hard, and can require wearing a lot of hats! Deb explains.

“You have to get the elevator pitch, the ‘what we do for who’ stuff, front and centre and clearly articulated.

Then the why stuff – why you do what you do for customers. And then you need layers of stories to illustrate that and show happy customers using the product or service and really appreciating it. So there is a huge amount of layered content to go on the website, and that needs to be presented in a way that both the user and the search engines will love.

The reason that coming up in Google Search for key terms is important for a company like OSA is because that’s what grows their digital footprint and ultimately grows their business.

Now our working relationship with OSA is really streamlined.

Key staff in Brilliant Digital work with key staff in OSA – week to week the key people work together and then once a month we go through the strategy.

We go through end to end results and what OSA is planning… more of what works, less of what doesn’t and we keep moving forward.”

...and managing ongoing marketing

...and managing ongoing marketing

The process was and continues to be painless for Dennis too.

“I had a meeting with Deb, Cathy, and Hayley, the Operations Manager. They presented the strategy to me. I listened, I told them what we had, and Deb wrote 16 pages of notes!

They came back the next week and we agreed on all the points. After that, they dealt with a couple of my internal staff over a four to six-week period. The next thing we knew, the website was live.

It was very painless. I wasn’t relied upon to do anything other than to proofread it at the end and tell them what I thought.

Personally, I don’t have to put much time into it now. Cathy sends me information each week on what she’s done. She asks me to read the newsletter and asks if there’s anything I want to be done. She is now in touch with all my key staff, so if it’s a product suite that they’re involved in she deals with them directly. It was a smooth transition – painless and easy.”

Our experts make the magic happen

Our experts make the magic happen

In order to make it all happen, we have a team of experts at Brilliant Digital,” says Deb.

“We have digital strategists who know how to put a strategy together for a company like OSA… to grow their digital footprint and grow their brand online and to deliver the qualified educated lead they’re looking for.

Our storytellers weave technical information into content that’s entertaining and informative, that non-technical people can understand.

Then our storytellers brief video makers who can create amazing videos around that content.

We have digital designers who create beautiful websites, newsletters and banners… everything that looks really cool.

We have programmers who make sure it all works. They make sure our websites are well built so they don’t get hacked and they work across all platforms. And when people press buttons, those buttons work.

We have SEO specialists to make sure they come up on Google for all the right keywords.

And advertising and social media experts who make sure that the key messaging is seen by multiple people across multiple platforms.

There’s no way a small business in Australia can afford to put that team in-house. It’s just too expensive. So by providing a complete end to end solution, we’re able to put that team in-house for them by giving them hours of each expert’s time.”

Dennis adds, “Deb looks at the overview, Hayley manages the operational details and Cathy does all the writing. Behind doors they make it happen and it doesn’t impact my business – it only enhances it.”

This is of great value to OSA’s existing and prospective customers…

…they’re getting more of the current technical information out there, in a simpler format and on a more regular basis.

A mutual partnership for success

Screen Shot 2018 04 24 At 7.36.40 AM

Deb takes great delight in the success of her clients. She says, “All our clients become partners and friends; it’s really cool! We get genuinely excited when our clients get great results.

We’re on a journey with them, we grow with them – if they’re successful, we’re successful. So for us, all of our clients become part of the Brilliant Digital family.”

Dennis has the same idea. “We treat all our key suppliers like partners. Brilliant Digital is just an extended family of OSA.

For anything to do with digital marketing or media, Brilliant Digital is the go-to company.” You can also read more digital marketing results here.

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