Digital Marketing Award

An exciting nomination for our client-partners in the WSABE awards

At Brilliant Digital, helping small and medium business enterprises achieve success is why we get up in the morning.

Watching our clients grow as their leads increase is fantastic. But occasionally something very special happens…

Two prestigious nominations

We are extremely proud to announce that ATB Chartered Accountants has been nominated for two Western Sydney Awards for Business Excellence.

Excellence In Marketing – ATB has done a great job of promoting their work to the market. And they have taken it up a level – they have also shown their dedication to mentoring and assisting small business.

Excellence in Small Business (less than 20 employees) – This is for seeing significant growth over the past 24 months and being able to demonstrate the strategies used to achieve this.


Excellence in Western Sydney

The Parramatta Chamber of Commerce founded the Western Sydney Awards for Business Excellence (WSABE). These auspicious awards recognise outstanding business leaders and organisations that demonstrate an active contribution to Greater Western Sydney’s burgeoning economy. Categories include innovation, education and customer service. It’s a competitive space and the awards are highly regarded.

Passionate business mentors

The team at ATB is passionate about supporting small business in Western Sydney and across Australia. They’ve faced the same challenges themselves. So they’ve made it their mission to help their clients navigate through the complicated landscapes of tax, cashflow and profit margins to name a few.

As engaged business mentors, the partners at ATB want to help their small business clients get on track and stay there.

Digital Marketing Award

Champions of small business

Small businesses make up a large part of national employment in Australia – around 43 percent of the private non-financial sector. So to achieve recognition for their efforts in this category is a big deal… for ATB and for Brilliant Digital – we’re a small business too.

Like ATB, we are passionate about helping small to medium businesses grow and succeed. Our clients are successful businesses turning over 5-100 million. But they lack the knowledge, skills or time to market themselves effectively online.

They realise they need a compelling digital presence if they are to compete in today’s marketplace.

We help businesses like ATB Chartered Accountants enjoy a superb outcome while investing minimal time in the process. And that’s something we’re very proud of.

It’s wonderful to see ATB growing and evolving. And to see them recognised for their hard work and dedication in supporting SMEs and contributing positively to the region is the cream on top.

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