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Business Leads in for Accounting For Good

Accounting For Good is a team of expert accountants with a social purpose – an outsourced accounting service, specialising in the not for profit sector.

Accounting For Good operates in a niche market, but their old website was not speaking directly to their target market.

Brilliant Digital Founder Deb Croucher and Accounting For Good CEO Kirsten Forrester talk about how partnering with Brilliant Digital has rapidly turned this business around, not only increasing their leads but finally attracting the ‘right’ business leads.

The need to connect with their target market

“Accounting For Good’s original online presence was several years old. While informative, the original website acted as an online brochure, rather than a business development tool.

The website was bland and certainly didn’t portray this dynamic organisation to its full potential,” says Brilliant Digital’s Deb Croucher.

“We recognised the need to develop a new logo and freshen up the branding, as well as overhaul the online presence to enable Accounting For Good to better target its niche market directly.

The goal was threefold:

  • to develop a stronger online marketing voice
  • to engage directly with clients and potential clients
  • to build a business development funnel which would deliver quality leads

We completely rewrote the website copy in order to tell the company story, to explain the service offering and really showcase this organisation as the results-driven and progressive company that it is, providing a highly regarded service to its clients.”

Collaboration was key to success

We wanted our online presence to reflect who we really are,” explains Accounting For Good’s CEO, Kirsten Forrester.

We’re a very warm and friendly team… We’re not the typical, traditional stereotype of ‘buttoned up’ accountants, either – we’re embracing new technology and new ways of doing things to better service our clients and reduce the burden on their internal teams.

I’m a bit particular about language and have a view about how I want to present our company. In that regard, Brilliant Digital was great to work with.

Our feedback was heard and actioned, and we worked collaboratively, which meant that our team really had a sense of ‘vested interest’ in the website, too. It wasn’t just a marketing project developed in isolation from the client service team.”

Developing trust right from the outset

As an outsourced accounting provider, Accounting For Good needs to engender strong levels of trust and open communication with clients, right from the start.

The language in the website now better reflects this, and the client stories explain the various ways that Accounting For Good works with clients and what it can achieve for them.

“The content is easy to read and the client stories (or case studies) are relatable,” says Deb Croucher.

“Considering a move to outsourced accounting is a big decision, and the case studies provide good solid information about how the Accounting For Good process works, so that when potential clients make contact, they are already primed with sufficient knowledge to take discussions to the next step.”

The results are impressive

At this point, we’re three months ‘live’ with the new website and results so far are impressive and encouraging,” says Kirsten Forrester.

January is traditionally a slow month for new enquiries, but this year we’ve had eleven via the website alone, and the website has only been live a few weeks.

These clients are just what we’re looking for, and we’re what they are looking for, too. It’s a solid starting point for developing potential new client relationships.

And they’re the ‘right kind’ of organisations too, which means we’re speaking directly to our target market.”

User statistics for the first month showed that organic traffic has a very low bounce rate of 38%. Users also stay on the website for more than three minutes, and the conversion rate – i.e. percentage of users who then make contact with Accounting For Good – is steadily increasing.

Improved digital presence

In line with the new website, Brilliant Digital has also improved Accounting For Good’s overall online presence with a social media content plan and Google ads.

Our dedicated SEO team has put a lot of work into both Google analytics and Google ads,” says Deb.

But it’s the increase in free organic traffic that comes via Google analytics that has been really impressive. Accounting For Good is now attracting people who are searching Google for non-for-profit accountants… this is exactly the niche audience Accounting For Good wants to work with.

Our social media content plan includes an organic Facebook strategy and LinkedIn posts and we’ve also enabled an easy process for sending out their monthly e-newsletter.

Accounting For Good can now use both platforms to communicate reporting and regulatory changes as well as other important information specific to the not for profit sector.”

Cost-effective expertise and solutions

With over 20 years of experience in the not for profit accounting space, Accounting For Good is passionate about seamless delivery of superb accounting expertise and solutions, freeing up their clients to make the world a better place.

At Brilliant Digital we share the same passion for seamless delivery of our digital marketing expertise and turnkey solutions so our clients can invest minimal time in the process and get on with what they do the best… running their business.

But we will leave it to Kirsten to sum up Accounting For Good’s experience with Deb and the Brilliant Digital team so far:

Brilliant Digital has not only developed us an efficient website but also provided us with a cost-effective way to communicate regularly to clients and potential clients.

Having this streamlined takes the pressure off our small team. It’s a very efficient solution for us, and although early days, we’re very happy with the results so far.

And the best bit is…we’re finally speaking directly to our target market!”

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