Website & Digital Marketing 101

Live WebClass presented by Deb Croucher

In this live webclass, you’ll learn what's possible and what's required to create, grow and sustain a powerful digital brand.

The choice is clear

The choice is clear

As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds and your market shifts ever more rapidly to living and working online… you face a stark choice.

Create, grow and sustain a trusted and powerful digital brand… or disappear.

But the world of websites and digital marketing is complex.

Business owners often struggle to know what will deliver the best return for their investment of both time… and money.

Digital Marketing 101 is for business owners and leaders who want to learn the fundamentals of digital marketing and create a clear road map, that will deliver results for their business.

Our next live WebClass is Wednesday 10th February 2021 10am – 12noon

The Brilliant Digital method is a strategic solution developed over 20 years

This proven process delivers phenomenal results for businesses large and small across all industry sectors. No shortcuts. No hype. No broken promises.

It’s the proven route to sustained digital brand growth.

  • Listen
  • Discover
  • Plan
  • Strategy
  • Brand
  • Message
  • UX
  • Design
  • Build
  • Launch
  • Market
  • Engage
  • Measure
  • Refine
  • Grow

Presented by Deb Croucher

Founding Director of Brilliant Digital

  • Team of 30 experts
  • 12 years building successful business websites, marketing campaigns and digital brands
  • Hundreds of clients’ businesses see year on year growth
  • Huge B2B and B2C success across all industries
  • Many millions of dollars of sales generated every year


Deb is a highly engaging presenter who shares information in a way that makes it easy to understand. She gives business owners clarity and a clear roadmap so they can take confident action.


“I have attended numerous web events over the last few months of lockdown - this was by far the most useful.”

Richard - Sales & Marketing, EPS

During this class Deb will give you:

  • A clear understanding of what will work for your business
  • Clarity about where to focus your efforts first
  • A proven process and road map to follow
  • Ensuring a successful website and/or e-commerce project
  • How to market your website
  • What you need to know about Google and social media
  • Knowledge of how everything can and should be measured
  • How to leverage your existing customers through email
  • A detailed workbook to use during and after the session
  • Follow up 30 minute support call specific to your business

Our Story

In times of unprecedented change, Brilliant Digital is leading the field in delivering digital solutions to help businesses thrive and prosper.

Brilliant Digital provides website, digital marketing and training solutions that power business growth. Our proven process – developed over 20 years – delivers phenomenal results to businesses large and small across all industry sectors. In times of unprecedented change, we are leading the field in delivering digital solutions to help businesses thrive and prosper.



“Every business owner should do this course. Very informative. Great to get insight into what not to do as well as what we should be doing. Would definitely recommend!”
Jodie Matta, Mono

“Deb has the ability to communicate complex concepts to a diverse audience with simplicity and reliability. She leaves everyone clear on their next steps to take. ”

Amanda Brisot, Western Sydney Business Connection
“Deb Croucher is an exceptional presenter. Her ability to engage with the audience to create an interactive and genuinely useful session is brilliant!”
Cassandra O’Brien, BT Financial Group

“Deb’s depth of knowledge shines through especially in the Q&A session, where she answers questions specific to the person’s business situation. I would highly recommend!”

Demi Vass, Cumberland Business Chamber

“Deb Croucher is a master of her trade. Her expertise, ability to share her knowledge and creating a wonderful interactive forum is first class. I now have clarity on what to do next.”

Katie Gardiner, Digital Masterclass Delegate

“Deb’s experience, passion and knowledge of digital storytelling are absolutely brilliant. The seminar was exciting, interesting and hugely informative. I learnt so much both from Deb – she gave us all a wonderful structure and the confidence to take this framework and implement it in the business.”

Catherine Proctor, Digital Storytelling Delegate
“I loved this session. We do not currently do this well and I have taken away a large list of action items. Deb provided some good practical advice which can be implemented by non-marketers.”
BT Financial Audience Member