Brilliant Digital Brand Strategy

Create, grow and sustain a powerful digital brand

Articulating your value

Business development in the pre-digital era was relatively simple. Advertise in Yellow Pages. Network. Build relationships.

Explain over coffee or beer how your business provides solutions to customer problems. And close the sale.

Then digital media rolls in… and all of a sudden you are who Google says you are.

Potential customers check you out online before you get a chance to talk to them. And frustratingly… poor quality competitors suddenly look amazing to the uneducated.

You realise that you need a powerful and effective digital brand. A brand that explains your value quickly on your website and social media, educates potential customers and keeps the phone ringing.

Sounds simple… until you try to do it.

Many business owners we meet have had a shot at articulating their value on their website and found it incredibly difficult. Many months and thousands of dollars later they are pulling their hair out.

Team, process and track record

Our founder, Deb Croucher, built her first digital brand in 1998.

As a team, Brilliant Digital has created and grown hundreds of powerful digital brands and built many long-term partnerships with excellent Australian businesses – case studies here.

Our proven method involves extracting the value proposition hidden inside your company and articulating it online in a way that your market can understand. We:

  • Listen carefully to you and your customers
  • Ask powerful, tried and tested questions to extract gold
  • Discover online opportunity through research
  • Write your unique value proposition (UVP) and brand message
  • Create the design elements and the wow factor
  • Build your website and social media channels.

Ready to start the conversation?

An enjoyable partnership

Most business owners we meet feel very frustrated.

They’re happy to invest but have really struggled to find the right partner to help them enjoy a measured return on their digital marketing investment.

We build long-term partnerships with great Australian businesses and work together to get results. We:

  • Think strategically based on years of experience
  • Carefully plan every aspect of your digital brand management strategy
  • Work hard to deliver the plan
  • Measure the results, report and make recommendations.

Your digital brand will:

  • Accurately portray your business
  • Explain your value to your market
  • Educate your market
  • Be a powerful sales tool
  • Deliver opportunity to your inbox
  • Strategically grow your business

Starting the conversation

If you’d like to start a digital marketing conversation with us, please book a consultation.

During this call we will ask you some questions about your business, make an initial assessment of your existing digital brand and answer any questions you have about us.

From there, if there looks to be a fit for working together, we will explain the next step which includes a detailed discovery session with one of our brand strategists.

At every stage our goal is simple.

Results for you.

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