Brand strategy skills explained

Posted by Deb Croucher | November 8, 2019

What skills make a great brand strategist?

The world of digital marketing is an exciting place, where traditional barriers dissolve and you have direct contact with potential customers.

But while the opportunities are greater than ever before, it’s critical to have a strong digital brand to stand apart from the sea of competitors.

You’ve probably heard the horror stories… of companies spending tens of thousands on a new website that looked great but didn’t bring in new leads.

Or hoping that paid ads on Facebook will yield instant results. It’s easy to waste money and time on digital media, when you hear success stories and don’t know what goes into building an online presence.

What’s the secret behind those winning brands? A digital Brand Strategist.

Without a strategist, you’re just throwing darts at the board, blindfolded. Then, when you’re not seeing results, you start believing that digital marketing ‘doesn’t work’.

It does. Blindfolds, off!

A good Digital Strategist will…

Work with you to create, grow and sustain your digital brand. We achieve this by listening to you, understanding your market, and gaining insights into what’s important to your customers – that sweet spot of identifying their problems with you as the solution.

Once we discover what keeps them up at night, everything we do comes back to solving this problem.

Next, we invest time in the discovery stage, looking into all the different options available – digital marketing, SEO, websites, social media – and plotting a roadmap for all the works.

A digital Brand Strategist weaves short-term tactical wins into a long-term sustainable strategy. Past strategic experience, an understanding of your industry and runs on the board are key to your success in this step.

Because the way you connect, communicate, sell to and serve your customers has changed with the advent of digital media (and particularly post-2020), knowing your Unique Value Proposition and expressing to a targeted audience is non-negotiable.

Your value promise should run through everything you say and do online. A good strategist will draw your value to the market out of you and articulate it to the brand writer.

With the well-constructed plan in place that celebrates your value, it’s time to create all the brand foundation (your logo, colours and images), then the ‘HQ’ for your business online – your website.

A brand strategist will have experience across UX, design, coding, content, SEO, and the user journey. The success of a website comes down to three factors – brand, UX and traffic (and your digital brand strategist will understand this).

Once you have a high-performing website, the next step is to focus on digital marketing that’ll drive traffic (sales leads) to you, through your ads, social media, YouTube videos, and information collateral.

The role of a Digital Strategist is to ensure you make cash and not burn it. Looking at previous results and success metrics is important, so you know you’re on the right path, in the right hands.

You need a strategist who can distil the numbers into informed decisions about when and how to tactically adapt. And in the 24/7 digital world, fast decision-making rules.

You need a digital Brand Strategist, not the ‘next-dig-thing’.

With a strong Digital Strategist in your corner, all your business goals are in reach.

Whether you have a vision to grow a national clientele, launch digital products or simply do more business, it’s all possible through a strategic, business brand-aligned plan… executed by a professional who lives and breathes your business, industry, and most importantly, winning customers.

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