Digital Brand Management

Intentional Input Towards A Growing Digital Brand

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the moving parts of digital marketing.

There’s updating website content, posting to Facebook, designing your email campaign… and the list goes on.

Your digital brand should feel empowering, not something that looks and feels directionless.

It comes back to having a strong digital brand strategy, which removes all the guessing and stress from the day-to-day management of your online presence.

With your strategist, your ‘brand guardian’ as we like to call it, your efforts become more focused and intentional. You need messaging consistency across every written word in your digital presence.

And, in the saturated online world where your competitors are vying for Google’s top position, consistency is key.

The fact is, customers have no trust in a brand they’ve never bought from before.

So make sure you show integrity, be consistent in your tone and messages, and always, always, lead with your value – the problem you’re trying to solve. Show how you understand the point of view of your audience.

A Brand Strategist = your big picture thinker

Don’t overlook the value of a Brand Strategist when it comes to online management.

Not only do they see things you can’t (when you’re busy working in the business), strategists explain what’s required of teams, articulate opportunities, clarify key marketing goals and how they can be reached, and ensure everything is operating as it should – while improving your ROI.

The main arms of your digital brand management include:

Your website

Critical skills are poured into directing traffic to your website, pushing your SEO rank upward, educating and entertaining visitors and encouraging their journey to purchase.

This includes design, coding, copywriting, content planning, editing and distribution, SEO, hosting, security and website performance.

Like all facets of brand management, this feeds back to the strategist who can make decisions about what steps to take next.

YouTube & social media

Being a massive search engine on its own, YouTube doesn’t necessarily belong in the social media category.

It requires a strategy of its own and a range of skills such as planning, producing and editing content, optimising videos for search (within YouTube), embedding and backlinking into websites and understanding performance metrics.

When you hear about what’s possible with channels such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, it’s clear to see why so much marketing budget flows into social media.

But just like the other arms of your digital strategy, mapping out a clear plan is the bedrock of winning with social media.

This includes bringing in design skills, content planning, deciphering engagement metrics and understanding the nuances and opportunities within individual platforms.

Email marketing & advertising

Communicating, selling and building loyalty through emails requires a keen awareness of tone of voice, brand value and customers’ pain points and buy buttons. Content must be written well and designed appropriately.

Database management is a key skill to use this medium respectfully and leverage opportunities. Remember, email is a one-to-one medium. So, write your message the same way. Personally, helpfully, positively and evocatively.

Woven into these organic strategies is advertising. Because digital advertising requires an upfront financial investment, it’s important to get it right.

This means planning and designing content in line with your brand positioning strategy, knowing the platform, setting goals and holding them up against your ROI.

By mastering your daily digital brand management, you’ll build an asset that continually supports your business growth for many years to come.

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