Different ways to deliver video storytelling

We know that video storytelling is a powerful way to connect with audiences and convey your brand message.

It’s a massive growth area for digital marketing. And there is a huge increase in the amount of content that people are watching online.

But is there a ‘best practice’ when it comes to the standard, type or style of video production you use to tell your story?

Different ways to deliver video storytelling

Video storytelling DNA

Fortunately for your budget sheet, there are actually many ways to go about it – and one size does not fit all.

At Brilliant Digital we have a talented team with expertise and experience in video production.

We have in-house producers, editors and creatives with a long, established history in television and visual media. And storytelling is in our DNA – we know how to bring your story to life.

Low budget, high impact

Video storytelling is not always about a big budget. On the contrary, in some less formal scenarios, an iPhone, tripod and Bluetooth mic will do the job. This solution is quick, responsive and very portable.

For the vast majority of videos we produce day to day, this is the most appropriate option – it wouldn’t be worth the budget to do more. And it’s amazing how good the footage can be.

Whether you’re on your beautiful new boat, on a busy factory floor or taking 20 minutes of your lunch break, we can set up, shoot and leave with zero hassle. This type of video usually involves only a subtle level of branding and seeks to entertain and/or inform an audience.

We have used this format for recruitment videos, both for us and our clients. They are perfect for showing applicants what it’s really like to work for you.

Different ways to deliver video storytelling

Take it up a level

There are two things to consider to get this budget-friendly type of video right.

Make sure you’ve got good sound.

If you just try to film people with an iPhone and don’t use a separate mic, you’re not going to get a great result.

So plug in a mic or use a low cost Bluetooth mic and do a fantastic job.

And then the second thing is to make sure you’ve got adequate lighting. You’re going to need an external light source for the best result. There are some really cool inexpensive lighting kits available that can really lift the quality of the production.

And the best part is that when our brilliant video editors wave their magic wand, you get a great looking production to use on your blog or social media post.

Lights, camera, action

We use Case Studies to show how our client’s products or service solve their customers’ problems.

It showcases the problem – solution – outcome format.

The best way to do this is to layer video, text and images together to show the journey and create an emotional connection with your prospects.

These videos tend to be mid-budget ‘talking heads’.

This works for an interview with the customer answering targeted questions … or interviewing a business owner about a new product range or the history of the business.

The addition of professional lighting and sound, and often a second camera, lifts the production value without breaking the bank.

But remember, the more technical and tricky the production, the more it’s going to cost. Deb’s video shown at the top of this page is quite a high standard of production. We’ve got a high-quality camera and separate soundtracks. If it takes a bit more editing to put it together it’s not going to be a low budget.

Different ways to deliver video storytelling

The whole kit and caboodle

Sometimes you need to go big with your video storytelling. It might be for your flagship annual members’ event or a corporate piece featuring your executive team that needs the full production treatment.

We can make that happen too with a combination of in-house talent and our external partners. This big-budget approach would include lighting, sound and multiple cameras.

In September 2018, Western Sydney Business Connection briefed us to create a showreel for their annual State of the Region Address. Our in-house producer managed the shoot end to end.

With three cameras, a sound desk and post-production expertise, we created a professional, engaging, beautiful showreel that told the story of WSBC’s core message.

Documentary style

A documentary is not a ‘type’ of video as such, it’s more a style.

Big or small budget, you can use this to show an A – Z of how something works or a self-contained story.

Our client ATB Accountants use this style to explain their customers’ journeys. Its authenticity is indisputable.

And your prospects get a full and comprehensive picture of that part of your business.

Above all, tell a compelling story

Whether we’re shooting the camera or using the written word, we know how to create an emotional connection, show a customer’s journey and create an authentic, engaging and compelling story.

And using your customer’s voice to show and tell for you … that’s a marketing dream.

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Different ways to deliver video storytelling
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Different ways to deliver video storytelling
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