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Hi, I’m Deb Croucher and I am the founder and a Digital Strategist at Brilliant Digital.

My story starts in the late 1990s when I was the owner of a successful veterinary practice in the south of England. Two things were troubling me during that phase of my life. The demands of the job meant I couldn’t be the parent I wanted to be for my daughter. And I was struggling to find an outlet for my creativity. By nature I like to create, I get great satisfaction from building something from scratch. But as a vet, I was always a technician.

To satisfy that urge to create, I threw myself into marketing the business to local pet owners, making flyers, writing articles for magazines and putting posters up on the wall. But then Google came along and it piqued my interest… I could see that the future of marketing would be online.

So I started to build a website for the practice… despite the protests of my business partner who was quite sure that no-one would ever buy anything online! My gut told me to go ahead with it, however, and low and behold we started to get some traction. Granted, there were only a handful of people online in those days… but we were getting results and it lit a fire inside me…

… clever marketing, cutting-edge technology, storytelling… this was exciting stuff. And much more exciting to me than running a vet practice.

Deb Croucher

New beginnings

It took a bit of soul-searching, but a few years later I made the tough decision to sell the veterinary business and move to Australia to start a new life. I created Brilliant Digital with two goals in mind. To provide myself with work that would allow me to channel all that creativity. And to set up a flexible business that I could manage around my daughter – my number one priority.

Once I had provided flexible, creative, and fulfilling work for myself, I wanted to offer that to other working parents. So from humble beginnings, our team has grown into a capable, multi-talented, creative workforce. And I couldn’t be prouder.

How we help

Our clients are the owners of established businesses who are doing great things for their customers. Generally they have grown their companies over a number of years through traditional sales techniques and networking. But they’re looking out at the digital tsunami coming their way and they know they need to do something… their competitors are getting ahead… they’re not taking advantage of all this digital change… but the problem is they don’t know what to do to tackle the beast.

Usually, they have had a go at their digital marketing. They’ve put a few videos on YouTube or LinkedIn and had a go at Facebook. But they’ve wasted time, money and effort without seeing any results. They’re frustrated by the whole digital landscape. They don’t have the right skillset in-house… they can’t devote the time to make their marketing work. Understandably they just want a return on their investment.

Where we really shine at Brilliant Digital is that, beyond providing the nuts and bolts of a proven digital marketing solution, we partner with our clients from day one. We navigate the tricky landscape of digital marketing in a way that they couldn’t do alone. We apply our skills and experience to deliver results. And importantly, we free them up to get on with running their business.


Deb Croucher

Transformation equals satisfaction

Getting a great outcome for a client is always such an incredible feeling. When their digital marketing starts to fire, the transformation of their business happens right before our eyes. They’re getting plenty of high-quality leads coming in… it’s easier to recruit … the whole team understands and upholds the new messaging. That’s when we know we’ve done our job.

But it’s also amazing for me to witness how the client’s transformation and success affect our team. The individual team members who have worked hard on a new website, story or campaign see the results and are genuinely over the moon about what they’ve achieved. And that makes my day.

Deb Croucher

Our values are our strength

I guess I’m really lucky. If you get to establish your own own business, you get to instill your own values from the start… and that’s exactly what I’ve done with Brilliant Digital.

Our values cement our team together. They’re intrinsic in everything we do, not just written down in an Operations Manual. It’s really important to me that everyone who comes into the business, whether they’re a team member or a client, fits in with and demonstrates our values.

There are simple values such as tenacity, integrity and resourcefulness. Teamwork is quite special to us. We pull together as a big, collaborative, supportive, fun team and deliver the goods.

Then we have the juicier values…

Doing the right thing by our clients, even when it hurts… even when you have to put yourself out enormously… we push to get a result.

Accountability is important to me and also plays a big part in my management style. I empower my team to go and get the outcome for a client – find a way to make it happen. I’ve got their back – as long as they follow our values, culture and guidelines they can make decisions. And yes sometimes there are mistakes, but with creative work, you take the odd risk, and that’s ok. We fix it and move on. We push the boundaries. We move the landscape forward and we keep getting great outcomes. It’s very cool.

Family first is the value that really makes us tick at Brilliant Digital. It’s fundamental that every member of the team puts family ahead of business. I believe parenting is the most important job in the world and business can and should fit around it. We proudly deliver on flexible work arrangements. And by supporting working parents, they are conscientious and work amazingly hard to deliver for our clients.

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