Davneet Singh Chawla, Project Lead, Development Team

Can a website really have clean and error-free code forever?

Luckily for Brilliant Digital, Davneet Singh Chawla is on a mission to make it so.

Davneet is Brilliant Digital’s chief technical architect and the man who plugs any leaks and fixes any tech issues on our sites. He heads up a team of crack developers. He’s the one you have to thank for the way all our Brilliant Digital websites purr and hum along so efficiently.

He was born to code! So, it’s no surprise that Davneet has a professional background as a programmer. He’s spent close to ten years in the industry and has a Masters Tech and Bachelor Tech in Computer Science Engineering. In fact, there’s nothing else he’d rather do – so Brilliant Digital is very lucky to have him.

Davneet came on board after a Skype meeting with Brilliant Digital founder Deb Croucher.

Though they were thousands of miles away, there was an instant connection and they both agreed they simply had to work together. Davneet has had a deep and unique bond with Brilliant Digital ever since.

Davneet loves working with Brilliant Digital partly for the awesome team and the highly organised work-flow. But mostly it’s the small moments of joy when he lights upon a solution for a seemingly impossible problem.

Davneet enjoys Brilliant Digital’s belief in a work-life balance and how he can be with his family any hour of the day, even while programming.

When he’s not solving major technical issues or creating amazing websites, Davneet is happy just chilling and watching Netflix.

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