Video Producer

Danny Pinn

My team and I are the video content producers for Brilliant Digital.

I’ve had a career in television and I’ve worked with most of the studios and stations around Sydney. And I’ve also studied TV and graphic design.

I’ve found that since working for Brilliant Digital my expertise has grown a lot. I’ve upskilled as the challenges have progressed. I’m my own boss so I have to do a lot of problem-solving.

Adding a bit of magic

I’ve found with the prevalence of social media that people produce a lot of videos. But they’re not necessarily of a high standard… it usually involves a selfie video.

That can be effective because it’s a very personal… but what we can provide at Brilliant Digital is the expertise to lift video to the next level. So you can maintain that personal touch… but you can add other elements such as music, graphics and editing to really enhance the storytelling quality.

Storytelling built our civilisation

Storytelling works to connect people. It has built our civilisation. It’s the way we communicate.

If you can tell a good story then you can really communicate with your clients. It doesn’t need to be a business-related story – it can be about what makes you tick.

The customer can get to know you before they even set foot in the door. And they might come to you just because they felt that they engaged with you.

A good example of using storytelling to get a message across is Jim Henson from Sesame Street.

He discovered that if he made learning fun and entertaining that children would learn lessons that way. It was the spoonful of sugar that made the medicine go down. It was educational, entertaining and engaging.

If we can use those principles, that’s a more effective way to get a message across than bland facts and figures.

The power of editing

I get an immense feeling of satisfaction when the client has a good outcome, especially when we’ve gone above and beyond their expectations.

I find that when some clients have finished with their shoot, they may feel a little bit underwhelmed by their performance.  They haven’t quite got their message across or they’ve stumbled a lot.

That’s where the power of editing comes in. When we add those extra elements, we can lift the video up and that’s very rewarding.

Brilliant Digital has been fantastic for our family

I like working at Brilliant Digital because of the flexibility it provides. It’s been fantastic for our family.

The people we work with are fantastic too. Also, the clients that Deb brings in – there is such a thing as a bad client and we don’t have any of those! Working with good people and the culture at Brilliant Digital makes it a very pleasant place to work.

Time for family and friends

My main focus is on my family when I’m not working. I like spending time with my kids and watching them grow up.

I really enjoy going to Australian football games. I’m too old to play anymore but I like going along to watch! So I like to take my son along to those. I like to play music and explore artistic endeavours. We like spending time with our group of friends and enjoying life.

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