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Posted by Gayle Oddy | October 26, 2020

Gayle Oddy is our proofreader extraordinaire here at Brilliant Digital. She is always on the lookout for stray apostrophes and errant commas. Not much gets past her eagle eye.

In her role as gatekeeper of all things punctuation and grammar, Gayle has the enviable task of reading every piece of content our team produces. It’s a position that gives her great insight into the work we do and how that work transforms our clients’ brands.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Gayle is no stranger to teamwork. She is a retired school principal who has led teams of all sizes. She knows a good team when she sees one… and that’s what she found with Brilliant Digital.

“People might think that because we’re working remotely we work like an assembly line with one person completing their portion of the task and then handing it on to the next person, but it’s not like that at all. Every single member of the team has their eye on the prize of what the client wants along every step of the process. We all know where we are going and how we are going to achieve what the client wants.

The beauty of it is we all have different skills and everybody is happy for others to step up and take the lead when required. It’s always clear who to go to if you need help with something and if you need to do something outside of your area of expertise there is always someone willing and able to help.”

As a member of the Brilliant Digital content team, Gayle works directly with our digital content producers to provide feedback on their writing. But she also works with project managers and client managers to step in to tasks and projects as required. It is certainly not like an assembly line but our digital marketing experts do work like a well oiled machine.

Content evolution

Gayle joined Brilliant Digital in 2017. In the years since she has witnessed quite an evolution for many of our clients. It’s a testament to the work we do that many of the clients who were with us back in 2017 are still clients today.

“The sustained brand growth we deliver is quite evident when I look back on the content our writers have produced for many of our clients. Over time I can see the content narrowing to really home in on a specific niche. As the brand grows, the client is then able to focus on more of the work they want to do because they are getting the right type of leads to grow the business.”

That’s the power of using content to drive your digital marketing results. Your content can share a message clearly and succinctly. It helps you to weed out unqualified leads and helps you to answer your customers’ questions before they even call you.

“I can see that for many clients it might feel like taking a huge plunge to bring their business into the digital age… but our clients really do get value for money because they get tangible results.”

Working remotely

Teaching is about as traditional as a work environment can be. But these days Gayle enjoys the flexibility of working in a remote team.

She has travelled Australia in her caravan, with her trusty laptop by her side, editing client websites from remote locations around the country or from her home on the NSW far north coast.

“Working from home isn’t for everyone. It takes discipline and flexibility in many ways. But in some ways teaching is no different to digital marketing. In both fields you need people who are highly skilled in their craft and who are willing to be part of a shared culture. That’s what we do so well here.

It is one of our values at Brilliant Digital that we are kind and respectful in every interaction we have with clients and colleagues. That should be a standard value in every workplace. I can see that everyone in the team has such a strong work ethic and they have high expectations of themselves. Everyone in our team wants what is best for the client.”

That’s the beauty of building a remote team – we attract the cream of the crop who can deliver exceptional results no matter where they are working.

Our results speak for themselves

Gayle sees one side of the story – the delivery of premium content for our clients each and every day. Our clients tell the other side of the story. And that story is one of sustained brand growth over many years.

We don’t just talk digital marketing results, we deliver them.

It’s time to see sustained results

Are you ready? We aren’t your standard digital solutions agency. We avoid hype and noise. Instead, we build long-term partnerships with successful businesses delivering genuine expertise, best-fit solutions and sustained results. Contact us to start the conversation.

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