Five ways to create great content for your eCommerce website

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A fantastic buying experience and a brilliant user journey on your eCommerce website are important, but they go hand-in-hand with great content and a strong digital brand to achieve overall great results. The more engaging your story, the more likely you’ll make sales!

We’ve created content for many eCommerce websites – here are our top five tips on how to persuade your users to complete checkout, based on engaging content.

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1. Always consider the three website pillars

The way we approach a website build at Brilliant Digital might not be the same as other website agencies. See, we believe in approaching a website holistically and with the same strategic mindset – regardless of the size of the website or the number of products you have.

For any website to be successful, it should:

  • Establish brand trust. (Your brand story leads to interest, engagement, trust and loyalty.)
  • Offer a superb user journey. (How easy and enjoyable is your website to navigate?)
  • Generate enough relevant traffic. (Google is your friend!)

Your agency will have thoroughly thought through each of these during the strategy phase, great content will flow from that.

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2. Be VERY clear on who your target market is

Too often we fall into the trap of writing what we’d like to say, instead of writing what our target audience wants to hear. Truth bomb: what you want to say (and how you want to say it) is not necessarily the same thing as what your readers want to hear (and how they want you to tell them).

With the help of a digital marketing specialist, figure out who your ideal buyers are based on real data and marketing insights.

Look at attributes like:

  • Demographics – What are their ages, genders, where do they live and so on?
  • Characteristics – What are their general personality traits? Are they active, sceptical, idealistic, optimistic, etc?
  • What motivates them – Why are they searching for your product or service online? Are they ready to buy, make a decision, or merely researching?
  • Problems – What pains and frustrates them?
  • Content habits – How do they prefer to consume content? Which devices, social platforms, search engines do they use?

Once you know your target audience inside out, it’ll be much easier to communicate effectively with them in mind. Professional content creators who work at full-service digital agencies (like ours) are pros at brand writing and creating messaging tailored to your market. If you’re not using the services of a professional content writer already, it might be one of the best digital marketing investments you make.

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3. Write for humans first - machines second

It’s really important to implement on-page SEO on each page to ensure your website and products come up in search results for the right terms.

(What is on-page SEO? Read more in this article.)

At Brilliant Digital, we live, breathe and preach SEO in everything we do… always keeping Google top of mind to get great results for our clients.

But… there’s a big but! Stuffing your product pages and brand story with keywords can make it uninteresting and simply annoying to read.

If your readers are clicking off in a few seconds, you won’t have any SEO success, regardless of how many on-page SEO tactics you have used.

Writing compelling, engaging and interesting content that is enjoyable to read gives your audience useful information and prompts them to spend their money on your business!

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4. Place the content where it matters most

On a successful eCommerce website, some pages will be filled with great storytelling content, and some will have short, factual information.

A user’s journey through an eCommerce website – from initial landing through to buying – is based on three basic elements of the sales funnel: awareness, interest and desire, and action.

Demonstrating through compelling storytelling that you know your users’ pain points during the awareness phase is a great strategy to get them through to the next phase of interest and desire.

And again, your content in the interest and desire phase should create trust and connect with your readers on a deeper level. And finally, at the action stage, your content should be reaffirming, punchy and coupled with easy-to-navigate calls to action..

It’s all about knowing how to talk to your audience at what stage, and nailing your messaging accordingly.

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5. Measure results to figure out how you can write even better

With the help of your digital marketing partner, look at metrics like organic traffic, conversion rates, time on pages, leads and engagement to get an understanding of how your website is faring.

You will be able to identify the trend in organic search traffic and user behaviour for specific pages over time, which should give you a good idea of whether people find the content on these pages useful.

There’s a lot to consider when looking at the individual metrics, so don’t let the numbers dishearten you if some of them go down – that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

If certain pages do exceptionally well on Google, there might be a good reason for that and an excellent opportunity for you to create content in a similar way for other pages.

Using a full-service eCommerce website agency is your ticket to success

In our 14 years in business, we’ve seen over and over again how companies have tried to cut corners on content creation for their new eCommerce websites, which only resulted in disappointment.

We don’t want you to waste your money on a set-and-forget, single-approach website agency for your eCommerce business, so get in touch with our team today to discover how our holistic approach to eCommerce content success can help your business grow!

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