Content and storytelling

Content is the cornerstone of your marketing success.

Four stories you need to know

Storytelling is the best way to promote your business. And the best businesses are built on great stories – but what stories should you tell?

There are four stories that are key to forming the brand message of any business.

First, we have the customer story. Next is the business story. Then comes the service or product story and finally we have the personal stories inside the business.

Brand growth

Your sales teams have been storytellers all their lives, telling customers one to one what your product can do for them. The issue is that if your online presence isn’t good enough, your sales team doesn’t get the opportunity for one to one storytelling.

All the various digital platforms have to be telling your story in a structured, relatable way. Then by the time the customer meets your sales guys, they’ve already bought into the brand.

Business growth

Humans are not ideally set up to understand logic; they are ideally set up to understand stories.

Think about the last time you presented to a business audience. Did they connect with the spreadsheets and figures on your PowerPoint or did they identify better with the story you told behind the figures?

Tell good stories as part of your business marketing and they will deliver four things: Connection, Trust, Memory and Action.


You’ve got a new role to fill in your business. You want someone with the right skill set and experience. Someone who will be loyal. And of course, someone who is the right fit for the team.

Storytelling allows you to position yourself in the best possible way to attract good talent.

Because through storytelling you can show applicants who you really are, what you stand for and what working for you is really like.

Digital marketing

It comes down to the fact that we are hardwired to like stories, as opposed to facts and logic.

Every business person who has done a PowerPoint presentation to an audience will have seen people switching off – it’s the charts, graphs and numbers that are having that soporific effect! We’re not hardwired to like that kind of information.

But if you tell a story about those numbers, it’s amazing how different the response is.

Global markets

In today’s world, 80-90% of all buying decisions start online.

You cannot hope to tackle those markets as effectively without digital marketing – and the annual cost is less than for a full-time salesperson.

And with a turnkey digital marketing strategy in place, what you’re doing every year is growing your digital footprint another notch, and that collateral stays with you.

Stroyteller Skills

At Brilliant Digital, storytelling is the glue that holds all of our marketing processes together. Each piece of content we write consistently delivers the clear and compelling brand message behind your business.

And each piece, from case study to blog, has a key part to play in our digital marketing strategic framework. Sticking to this framework is how we deliver results and a return on investment.

Strategic framework

Creating digital content is not a low-cost exercise.

Writing, editing, uploading, optimising, linking, sourcing images and producing video all take time. That’s time you’re paying for.

You have the best chance of getting an ROI on content creation if you think hard about the purpose and context of every page. And it is essential to follow a strategic plan to get the best results.

Deb’s journey

In the Storyteller and the Sherpa’s latest podcast, Deb Croucher chats with Luke Buesnel about her incredible transition from respected UK based vet to digital marketing strategist and founder of a successful digital marketing agency in Sydney.

Deb reflects on how she sought an outlet for her natural, creative instincts, her first introduction to Google, and what motivated her to make the change.

Making family business work

In this Brilliant Podcast, Brilliant Digital Founder Deb Croucher talks to Family Business Central CEO Philip Pryor. Philip is a specialist adviser to family businesses in Australia and New Zealand.

Deb and Phil delve into the fundamentals of running a successful family business and the pitfalls working relatives should look out for.

The power of family business

It is a little-known fact that family businesses form the backbone of the Australian economy, accounting for 70% of all businesses in Australia. There are over 1.4 million Australian family businesses operating in our country, and over 60% of trading companies in Australia are – you guessed it – family businesses.

The future is looking bright for family businesses.

Leveraging the family business advantage

We are tired. Tired of being sold to, everywhere we turn. The market is over mass advertising. The 'buy this because it’s the best' no longer works. With the development of the internet, consumers have unlimited choices. There are oceans of automated, anonymous companies selling everything you can possibly think of.

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