Why you need to have a complete understanding to get a result with digital marketing

A complete understanding with digital marketing

There’s a lot of people out there who know just ‘a little bit’.

They know ‘a little bit’ about SEO, ‘a little bit’ about Google Ads and ‘a little bit’ about social media.

Many businesses believe that by simply knowing ‘a little bit’ they will be able to keep their clients’ brands relevant and afloat.

But for many businesses, there’s an unproductive pattern. Businesses or their digital agencies are continually posting content or paying for advertising, like scattering seeds on the soil, hoping and expecting their efforts to grow into solid leads and sales.

Holistic approach to digital marketing

Unfortunately, there’s nothing strategic about their efforts; they fail to create a solid digital footprint and their seeds just get washed away as the next tide of content rolls through.

As the great military strategist Sun Tzu said, “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” Without a clear big picture, businesses will struggle to gain traction in the overwhelming ocean of digital noise.

In reaction to this, businesses must understand the importance of establishing a holistic approach to digital marketing. They must build a strong and powerful digital brand and strategically contribute value to the market.

A little bit is not enough

‘A little bit’ is not enough

Successful digital marketing is about applying a strategic and consistent approach to your brand’s message, content, marketing collateral and sales material; everything and everyone saying the same thing.

Consistent brand messaging reaps results.

Many businesses are frustrated that they have spent money on websites and digital marketing that simply didn’t deliver a return on investment. Their frustration comes from failing to follow a strategic, holistic approach and from hiring a team with limited or inadequate skills.

They simply didn’t have enough understanding, expertise or skills to keep their digital brand competitive.

Think about it like baking a cake; having all the ingredients is one thing, but only a master baker will know how to mix everything together in the right way. A complete understanding and expertise. That’s where the magic starts.

Data and tools all go together

This is what Brilliant Digital does so well. We have an understanding of how information, data and tools all go together. We are sensitive to every dollar and every minute that you spend and ensure you receive a return on your investment.

We deliver great products and services, and our proven approach not only delivers traffic to the website, but we’re able to take businesses on a journey through understanding the market and how to grow lead volume.

So, why else do you need to have a complete understanding to get a result with digital marketing?

Leaving a lasting first impression

Leaving a lasting first impression

Grabbing attention is not easy. Today’s digital marketing space is like a tsunami of products, brands and services. It’s easy for consumers to feel overwhelmed with choice. Smart businesses need to stand out like a beacon above the water.

You could have the best-looking website across your market, but if customers don’t understand who you are or what you do, they’ll hit the back button and go and look for your competitors.

Too many invest in a visually creative website design, but can’t convert their views into sales. In other cases, websites are crammed with too much information, trying to fit everything in one go. People become frustrated and lose engagement.

Without a strategic structure and attention grabbing elements to your website, you’ll lose not only traffic – you’ll also lose against the competition.

Creating beautifully designed

Our complete approach involves creating beautifully designed and expertly coded storytelling websites which deliver qualified leads when we drive traffic to them.

We provide the main branding message for the client, and we focus on making who they are and what they do the most prominent factor on the website.

Of course, not all that glitters is gold. Once you grab their attention, do you have a clear message?

The Home base

The home base

A website is the content hub of your digital brand. It acts as the central location of your business. This makes your website more important than your social media, email or content marketing.

Businesses try to dabble in third-party social media sites to try and reach hungry customers. Unless you have a place to send your curious customers, you’re feeding them unsatisfying breadcrumbs that lead to nowhere.

The same can be said for your email marketing. Your website is the perfect destination to guide your email subscribers when they want to learn more about a product or make a purchase.

Your website is the perfect tool

Your content marketing also needs a place to live in. Whether it’s blog posts or product descriptions, your website is the perfect tool to display that information so customers have access to it.

A hub to engage your audience and the market.

Brilliant Digital adds more storytelling content to our clients’ website every week, which keeps the website up to date, builds trust, grows free Google traffic and provides fresh material for social media and newsletters.

The result is an ever growing digital footprint… and ultimately… more dollars in the bank for our clients.

When it comes to having a significant presence in the digital tsunami, simply knowing ‘a little bit’ is not enough.

You need a visually engaging and easy to navigate website. But don’t stop there – make sure your content has a place to live.

Only by mixing these ingredients in the right amount will you enjoy a return on your investment.

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A complete understanding with digital marketing
Why are digital assets so vital in today’s business world?

Digitisation is a tsunami of unprecedented proportions sweeping relentlessly across the business landscape with no respect for geographical borders, your loyal team or the blood sweat and tears you’ve put into building your organisation.

A complete understanding with digital marketing
Why you need to have a complete understanding to get a result with digital marketing

It’s time for businesses to know more than just ‘a little bit’. Businesses must understand the importance of establishing a holistic approach to digital marketing. Understanding the benefits of a complete digital marketing solution will help businesses build a strong and powerful digital brand and strategically contribute value to the market.

A complete understanding with digital marketing
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We are tired. Tired of being sold to, everywhere we turn. The market is over mass advertising. The 'buy this because it’s the best' no longer works. With the development of the internet, consumers have unlimited choices.

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