What it takes to create a cohesive digital brand strategy

Posted by Deb Croucher | December 17, 2019

So often when we start working with a client, they will be excited to show us their branding. Usually this is a logo and perhaps a style guide that includes the colours and fonts they use across their business.

And while that’s a great start, a brand is so much more than a logo and a set of colours.

Your digital brand is a combination of everything you put out into the digital world… and in some cases what your customers are saying about you online. It is your content and the experience you create for your customers through every interaction they have with you.

A solid foundation

To build a solid foundation for your digital brand strategy, you need to understand what goes into creating a digital brand. It’s not just one thing but a combination of all the things that you create online. And it starts with your website – your digital home.

On your website you will have a number of things that contribute to your digital brand:

  • Logo, colours and design
  • Website content in the form of statements about who you are and what you do for whom and why; process, product and service information; stories about your team; blog posts; supporting evidence in the form of case studies or client stories
  • Photos and videos

It isn’t just one of these elements that define your brand… it is all of them combined. A logo in isolation can’t get to the core of who you are and what you do – nor can an about page without images to bring the words and content to life.

Beyond your digital home

Your digital footprint starts with your website… but the journey your prospective customers go on before they start working with you will extend to other platforms and touchpoints on the web including:

  • Social media, e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube etc.
  • Google and/or Facebook reviews left by your past customers
  • Advertising on Google or social media

You can’t control these platforms in the same way you can control your website, but you can control the content, photos, videos and messages you share on these platforms.

Each of these platforms shouldn’t be viewed separately… they all combine together with your website to create your total digital brand.

Avoiding confusion is critical

If any of the messages you are putting out online are inconsistent with the rest of your brand messaging, you are going to create confusion for your potential customers. And confusion reduces trust and limits the efficacy of your website.

If the content about you on your Facebook page sends a different message to the content on the about page on your website, it will confuse your customers. If the reviews about your business on Google tell a different story to the case studies on your website, potential customers won’t know who to believe.

Are those people going to become your customers? The answer is they most likely will not.

A digital brand should be crystal clear. No matter where a potential customer sees you online, it should be immediately evident what it is you do, for whom and why. And each touchpoint they have with you should be consistent in reinforcing your brand message. This is the key to attracting qualified leads and converting them into customers.

Cohesive digital brand strategy

The path to avoiding brand confusion is in creating a cohesive digital brand strategy.

When you have one person designing your website, another taking care of your social media and another writing your content, you end up with a mish-mash digital brand that is going to stall your business growth.

Our approach at Brilliant Digital is to provide a complete solution that has brand strategy at the core.

Before we do anything, each client meets with one of our brand strategists to get a deep understanding of their business. We then go away and develop a brand strategy from which everything else flows.

The website is designed to support the brand strategy… the brand strategy is woven throughout every page of the website… our photographers and videographers are briefed on the brand strategy before they shoot any content. And then we take that brand strategy and ensure it is consistent across every touchpoint across each client’s entire digital footprint.

We know that this is what builds trust and gets results.

Set your brand strategy on the right path

If you are ready for the type of qualified leads you have only ever dreamed of, it’s time to align your digital presence with a cohesive brand strategy.

Contact us to discuss your business objectives and how our complete website and digital marketing solutions can support your growth.

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