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We count ourselves lucky at Brilliant Digital – we get to work with a pretty talented bunch of people. And each day, we bring this highly skilled team together to deliver a complete and proven marketing solution to our clients.

Client Care and Marketing Management are perhaps the most visible part of what we do, but getting it right takes experience and a special kind of know-how…

When clients come to us, they know they need to have a digital presence. They know they need to advertise and use social media. But often they don’t know where to start. What are the right platforms to use? How do you target your market effectively? How do you get good conversation rates?

That’s where our expertise comes in… we navigate through the confusing digital marketing landscape for you… so you can get on with running your business.

Our SEO expertise gets you to number 1

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is a bit of a black hole for the uninitiated. Having the right skills to do it well is fundamental to the success of your website.

On the technical side, we follow the Google guide to SEO. We make certain that the right information and content are in place on your new website – it’s integral to the build.

From the URL choice and meta tags used to the entire structure, your website is built for the best possible SEO.

But the technical application is only 30% of SEO. The rest is all about human engagement. And this is where the unique skill of our storytellers comes in.

They create high-quality, informative and educational content that grabs the audience. Content that makes them want to read more and delivers organic brand growth. Content that makes your site one that Google wants to rank. Number 1 or bust..!

Engage, connect, drive them home

Every piece of content that we create and every marketing activity that we use is part of a strategy – there are no shots in the dark at Brilliant Digitial.

One part of this strategic kit-bag is EDM (electronic direct mail) or newsletters. We send these monthly for some customers.

Strong content is essential here – its job is to deliver great open rates. It needs to be enticing, informative and relevant. And it must always deliver a consistent, on-brand message.

We do a lot of A/B testing with our markets and the current customer database to ensure we’re hitting the mark. And sometimes we slice and dice that data so we may end up sending 2 or 3 different newsletters out.

If we’ve done our job correctly, the EDM will drive your prospects back home to your website for further information.

Getting the mix right

Our strategic kit-bag also contains paid advertising, which we use to your best advantage.

We determine which platforms we choose depending on the market you’re in. And we work with our storytellers and designers to create ads that get results.

Google Search Ads are so important. Using the right keywords in Google and creating a good mix of campaigns is essential to get to the right prospects…

… they’re already looking for you, so you need to make sure they can find you. Or you’ll lose them to your competitor.

Intelligent social media management

Using social media is easy – you just post, post, post, right? Well not exactly…

In the world of social media, we use Facebook ads to target your prospects with pinpoint precision.

You might have a ‘deal of the month’ that you want prospects to know about. So we make sure we deliver that message across all the right platforms.

We tailor the message depending on the platform, whether we are retargeting, and for the specific target audience.

If your business is selling multiple products at once, we can run different campaigns at the same time. These will tightly target different people to allow you to get the quality of leads that you need…

.. but the aim is not quantity – our campaigns deliver educated, qualified leads ready to do business.

And we don’t set and forget. We do a lot of testing with our Facebook ads to make sure we’re getting the lowest cost and highest conversion rates for you.

Your Facebook business page is a great place for your less formal updates and information, but don’t be tempted to go too fast and loose. These posts have to be engaging, relevant, on-brand, and above all, do their job – they must drive prospects back to your website.

Because your website is where the magic happens.

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