CJ Morello, Content Producer

Passion for business

I have always loved being involved in business and I’ve always had a passion for language and writing. So content writing for businesses – helping people get their message out – is the perfect job for me.

I’ve owned and run multiple businesses over the last 15 years, which gives me an insider’s perspective of the realities and challenges involved in marketing and small business. I am passionate about creating new opportunities for our clients that will add value to their businesses and help business owners take their companies where they want to go.

I have 15 years of solid, hands on experience in the trenches of small business, working across music, education, real estate, entertainment and health and beauty.

Communication is key

The common thread through every career decision I’ve ever made is communication.

I studied English and education at university and taught high school English for several years. I have also performed as a musician for most of my life, so words and communication have always been central to everything I do.

As I founded my own businesses, I discovered that I really enjoyed marketing and advertising. Giving a voice to a product or a brand and watching it grow was incredibly rewarding. I soon found myself doing it for other people as well. I’ve written content for industry heavy-weights in music, real estate and events.

I’ve always loved how words can shape an idea, how a selection of words can convey emotion, cause an idea shift or facilitate a lightbulb moment in someone’s life. The way the content is communicated is almost more important than the content itself.

Anyone can have an idea; it’s the execution of the idea that makes the difference. The right turn of phrase helps us feel, think and act. The magic and power of words are amazing.

Creativity AND business acumen

Words are my trade and business is my passion. At Brilliant Digital I can use my skills and experience from both fields. I’m enjoying working across multiple industries. The breadth and scope of our clients’ work is amazing. No two days are the same, and I get excited to see our clients succeed beyond what they thought possible.

All for family

I was initially drawn to Brilliant Digital for the family focus. There are LOTS of companies that advertise flexibility and work-life balance, but Brilliant Digital is the first business I’ve worked with that actually walks the walk as well as just talking the talk.

It was clear from the first email, and I see it in the way the team members talk to each other. This team lives out those core values of family, respect and integrity in a very authentic way.

I have a young family of my own, so I value the flexibility Brilliant Digital provides.

It means I can be there for important family moments. It’s also great for creativity – especially writing, marketing and strategy.

I think when you have that balance, when you are free to be fully present at home and at work, it results in higher quality output and a much greater investment in your clients. It stops being just ‘work’ and becomes a significant part of who you are and what you do. I’m relishing that freedom and that balance. It’s been great for my family, too.

Consistency and growth

One of my primary interests is creating a unique message and building a brand so a business can grow – ensuring scalability and sustainability along the way.

In my spare time – or as much as someone with a two-year-old can have spare time – I grow bonsai trees and terrariums. Terrariums are for instant gratification; you can have a miniature ecosystem in a couple of hours.

But the bonsais are special.

Everyone thinks that growing bonsais is really hard, but it’s actually very, very simple. It’s about doing small things, like watering, pruning – whatever it needs – each day. Just a small, consistent effort will produce the most incredible, unique tree.

And it’s the same with business – and everything else in life! It’s not about finding one magnificent idea that will make you instantly rich, thin or happy. It’s about small, consistent steps, moving forward each day. Choosing the right things, doing them well and doing them consistently.

It’s the key to everything that’s important in life – if you’re persistent you’ll get it. If you’re consistent, you’ll keep it!

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