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With over twenty years of publishing experience, Jane Curry and her team at Impact Press are uniquely positioned in the Australian publishing industry.

At Impact Press we combine traditional publishing with self-publishing, providing a professional service that delivers a boutique, innovative and exciting publishing experience,” says Jane.

And the result is a bespoke, high-quality print and ebook – a book that you control every step of the way, but does not look self-published.

Until recently, most of Impact’s clients had come via Impact Press’ sister company, Ventura Press, which is a traditional trade publisher.

But as the team at Impact Press saw the increasing demand for their professional publishing services, they realised their ‘little sister’ had now grown up…and she needed a website all of her own.

Bringing a Fresh Perspective

The Impact Press website build began with a detailed strategy meeting, where the Brilliant Digital team sat down together with the Impact Press team, who took the time to understand exactly who the target market was for the Impact Press website.

This highly collaborative process not only provided Brilliant Digital with insight and understanding, but it also gave the Impact Press greater clarity as to what they wanted their website to do for them.

Impact Press

I found this one-on-one face time to be hugely beneficial, providing my team with a fresh 3rd party perspective,” says Jane.

And by analyzing where our business has come from, it also helped us to realise the potential of a market we hadn’t yet really maximised, providing us with a fresh new focus.

“Our new website now delivers business every week.”

Compelling content that also acts as a business filter

Because the publishing process has many steps, it can be confusing for people who have never published before. So Impact Press needed a website that was not only filled with compelling content, but a website that could answer many of the questions potential clients had about the publishing process.

The Brilliant Digital team took the time to really understand our business and our publishing process. This meant they could combine the information we provided with their huge experience, allowing them to write exactly the right content for our target market.

It also helped us to realise that rather than just servicing our existing clients, our new website could also help us filter new clients by clearly explaining exactly what professional publishing is, and how it differs to both trade publishing and self-publishing…

…saving both us and our clients a huge amount of time.

So when new clients contact us now, they already have a very clear idea of exactly what services we can offer them, how the process works, and exactly what professional publishing is.

A complete website package

Just as Impact Press offers a complete professional publishing package for books, Brilliant Digital took care of every aspect of the Impact Press website build: SEO, content, design, and coding.

Although we obviously have design skills as part of the book publishing process, we were really happy to be guided by Brilliant Digital’s design advice for websites.

And our design brief was quirky, but simple—based on the colour of a lipstick! We loved the simplicity and power of this colour, and team team totally understood what we wanted…we just love the look of our site!

Another really important part of the Impact Press website build was the understanding of SEO.

We found Brilliant Digital’s expertise in SEO to be invaluable,” says Jane. “Not only do we now have an understanding of the words and phrases people are searching for, but we also have the ability to be responsive.

And we were delighted with the speed and efficiently of our website build.

Our very own 24/7 brand ambassador

The team at Impact Press have already had excellent feedback from industry people, as well as from new and existing clients.

We are so happy that our website is out there,” says Jane, “working 24/7 as a brand ambassador for our business, both locally and internationally…saving time for both us and our clients.

An unexpected bonus

When Jane approached Brilliant Digital about building the Impact website, she had no idea just how the website build process would affect her own perspective of her business.

As a result of this website build, I’ve looked at my business with a whole new sense of purpose and also realised the potential of a market I hadn’t been maximising.

The Brilliant Digital team made us really value our services and realise just how unique our professional publishing services are. We have come away from this process with a renewed sense of energy and pride in what we do.

We always knew what we offering was something special…but sometimes it takes an outsider with a fresh perspective to make you see that!

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