Robotics WPS Can Now Franchise


“Our digital marketing is working so well now that we are now in a position to franchise the business”

Robotics WPS is just about every child’s dream! The company runs hands-on robotics workshops for school age children (K-10), within the school curriculum, teacher inductions, after-school workshops and also a school holiday program.

The company, which has been operating since 2009, wanted to overhaul its existing website in line with it’s strategic growth plans to ensure the site reflects exactly what the company does as well as it’s commitment to helping children and young adults to learn.

A partnership founded on passion

“When I met Deb Jeffreys her knowledge and expertise, and her passion for website marketing wowed me,” says Robotics WPS founder Michele Miller.

“She is obviously as passionate about her business as I am about mine, and that was one of the reasons we ended up working with Brilliant Digital Internet Marketing.”

“Deb helped us to understand what we needed as well as what we didn’t and she’s built us a website that will evolve as the company does. We can update it regularly and add to it, which is an important consideration”.

Meeting the challenges of the Robotics WPS brief

The robotic immersion workshops provide students with the opportunity to be involved with innovative learning through adventure, discovery, exploration and collective knowledge construction.

Students use robots to learn to use ICT effectively and appropriately to access, create and communicate information and ideas, solve problems and work collaboratively.

The robots and software in the fleet involves enhancing enquiry learning and students adapting to new ways of doing things as their robotic programs are created and developed throughout the workshops. The workshops all have mapped outcomes to key learning areas English, Maths and Science.

One of the biggest challenges behind the design of the website was that fact that it needs to appeal to two very different audiences: educators (teachers and principals) and parents. Both of these groups need to be communicated to in very different ways.

“To understand the true value of the programme, educators need to hear and see all about learning outcomes presented within the educational-framework,” says Michele Miller. “Parents, on the other hand, are not necessarily interested in the mapped outcomes to the curriculum’. Most of the time they just want to know that kids really engage with the program, can see educational benefits and enjoy it,” she says.

Brilliant Digital’s solution was to reshape the content as well as simplify the structure and layout of the content, and provide a logical flow of information so that key messages would achieve cut-through.

The Robotics WPS branding was retained, and the Brilliant Digital team worked within the parameters of the existing style, colour template and imagery. Another important consideration was Michele’s input.

“As a small business owner, Michele is time-poor,” says Deb Jeffreys. “Her involvement was critical and we also needed to keep her in the loop at every stage of the process, but we also needed to ensure that meetings were kept to a minimum.”

The team used a variety of technology platforms to assist with client communication, so Michele could participate when needed, but not necessarily have to attend face-to-face meetings all the time.

The final hurdle for the Brilliant Digital Internet Marketing team was to ensure that the new website attracts traffic and generates business leads.

“Deb was able to explain plainly what we needed to do and she provided us with excellent guidance and advice in the area of SEO,” says Michele Miller. “Deb has great expertise in this area. We’ve ended up with a fantastic 24/7 sales tool. Having the right website design and online marketing strategy has delivered tangible outcomes to our business.”

Adding value

“Over the past five years, annual statistical data has shown that more than 70% of all phones sold in Australia are smartphones. It’s imperative that business owners have websites that are built to work across all platforms, especially smartphones,” explains Deb Jeffreys.

“In the case of Robotocs WPS, building a ‘responsive’ site was important because schools are embracing smartboards as well as ipads, and parents are still getting their web information from desktop as well as ipad and smartphone. The previous website was not designed to work across all devices and the new one does,” she says.

Ready to Franchise

“We have grown quickly in the past couple of years, to the point where we are looking at adding more people to our team and have just set the business up for franchise,” says Michele Miller.

“We have also just won the national rights to write the lesson plan for the Eddison Robot – a new robot that’s been invented in South Australia – which is an excellent credential for our business. These developments are exciting and there’s no doubt in my mind that the website has contributed to this growth because it allows people to see who we are, what we, do and, most importantly, to make contact with us.”

Robotics WPS website

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