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Envirotecture are a firm of building designers and architects, who specialise in sustainable design. They build beautiful, comfortable, affordable spaces, spaces which are effortlessly cool in summer and warm in winter.

But although Envirotecture were designing and building stunning spaces ‘to inspire the soul’, their existing website was not going to win any design awards.

We needed a website that was much more visually appealing,” says Envirotecture partner, Andy Marlow. “And for a business that is all about design, it was crucial that we got the visual aspect of our website right.

Now their situation life is very different…

“Our website now positions us correctly in the market and reflects our image. Thanks to superb SEO we are now getting a steady stream of new clients – in fact almost too many to cope with!”

Defining your ideal client

The very first step in a website rebuild is defining your ideal client, because you need to know who you are speaking to before you can speak to them. For the team at Envirotecture, this step was a little trickier than most because they have a very wide range of clientele.

The new website development process began with a face-to-face meeting, where the Brilliant Digital team ‘interviewed’ the Envirotecture team to help define and target Envirotecture’s many types of clientele.

Three main types of Envirotecture clientele were identified as:

  • Home owners wanting residential renovations or new builds
  • Business owners seeking commercial designs
  • Industry professionals in charge of government projects

In addition to this, five main areas of services were also defined:

  • Design
  • Consultancy
  • Training
  • Sustainability review
  • Pre purchase

That first step in the development process was very worthwhile,” says Andy. “Brilliant Digital identified things that were crucially important.

And once the types of clientele and the areas of service were clarified the structure of the website became apparent. The home page would now be structured to appeal to all of Envirotecture’s clients, clearly outlining the areas of service that they might be looking for.

Clear and compelling content

While the visual aspect of the site was a huge factor in the website design, rewriting and condensing of the copy was another equally important part of the rebuild.

We needed to improve the visual aspect of the site, rewrite the text and clearly link the information with the imagery,” says Andy. “We had a huge amount of content on the old website, but although there were some great resources there, even I had trouble sometimes finding what I was looking for!”

We also had to make the existing text more accessible. We have a lot of great information on our website about concepts such as ‘sustainability’ and ‘localness’, and we needed these big chunks of text rewritten into smaller, more digestible pieces of text. Text that could convey a ‘big’ concept quickly and clearly.

The team at Brilliant Digital pulled the key concepts out of existing text and rewrite them into short, easily digestible pieces that quickly and clearly explained what Envirotecture did and how they did it.

So when potential clients landed on Envirotecture’s new website, clients would clearly:

  • understand the concept of sustainability
  • immediately see how sustainable architecture could help solve their particular design issues, while also enhancing their quality of life
  • clearly identify all the areas of service that Envirotecture offers
  • visually explore the existing projects to get a better understanding of Envirotecture’s work
Service during site build

Once the clientele was defined, the service areas clearly identified and compelling copy written, work quickly began on the technical side of the website build.

Andy and Dick were kept fully informed throughout the process and features such as test sites gave them a much better idea of how the final site would look and allowed for productive and proactive feedback on design specifications.

One of the great things to come out of this build is that it forced us to rationalise all of our images into three sizes,” says Andy. “This also helps us for updating the website in the future, as we upload more completed projects. We will save a lot of time because we now know exactly the right size of image that we will require for the website.

And not only was the speed of the build and communication during the build superb, but any issues that arose during and after the build were dealt with quickly and calmly, as soon as they were identified.

A website that looks as good as it works

As soon as the new website was up, Envirotecture noticed an immediate spike in business. Superb SEO means that the flow of business is steady and constant – at times a little too much! But that’s a nice problem to have.

And their clients love it too, many existing clients take the time to tell Andy and Dick how much they loved the look of the site.

From a user’s perspective, we also love the back-end of the site,” says Andy. “It is easy to use and easy to maintain. And that’s really important to a business like ours, because we are often uploading new images or writing informative blogs or newsletters for our extensive client base.

So not only are Envirotecture keeping their existing clients happy, but they are also attracting many, many new clients, who can now clearly see the benefits sustainable architecture can offer them through the great visuals, compelling and clear content and a logical and cohesive website structure.

To see some of Envirotecture’s stunning spaces, check out their website here

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