The flexibility to build a career you love

We offer passionate and talented marketing professionals the opportunity to develop their skills in a truly flexible and rewarding environment.

Brilliant Digital is a marketing agency with a difference. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver amazing results for every client, every time. And we do it all while working from home. We are living the dream.

True flexibility, every day

When Deb Croucher founded Brilliant Digital more than 10 years ago, she wanted to share her passion for digital marketing… and she also wanted to grow a flexible workplace where she could put her family first.

At every step along the way as Deb has grown the business, her commitment to flexibility has not faltered.

The Brilliant Digital work environment today is as flexible as it gets.

Each member of our team works from home. We use tools such as Zoom and Google Drive to collaborate and connect with each other and our clients. It’s not conventional… but it works.

We still have client deadlines and expectations… and we all manage those around our family and personal needs. Flexibility isn’t just something we talk about for a lucky few in our business. It’s universal and just the way we work.

You will love our clients

You will love our clients

We have the best clients… really! When you are as uncompromising on your values as we are, you tend to attract like-minded clients into your business.

We work with clients across a range of industries… manufacturing, professional and financial services, luxury and lifestyle brands and family businesses. Despite their differences, the service we deliver is the same… we create a brand strategy, build a killer website, fill it with brilliant content and grow their digital footprint.

We love our clients because they trust us to do our job, respect our flexible workplace culture… and they are great people to work with.

Our clients love us because we deliver what we promise – sustained brand growth.

Professional development opportunities

Professional development opportunities

We have full confidence in our team to do the job we’ve hired them to do… and with that confidence and trust comes the opportunity to really grow a career you love.

We don’t hire based on a list of skills on a resume. We hire on talent, potential, passion and cultural fit. Where our team members have skill gaps, we work with them to upskill.

We are a small business but we play big. As a digital marketing agency, we offer the chance to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty, applying your existing skills and experience to take your career to the next level.

Inspiring leaders

Inspiring leaders

There are no egos in our team… ‘presenteeism’ is not a thing… and you won’t find cliques or anyone protecting their ‘turf’. And that is because we have inspiring leaders who truly lead by example.

Our culture is second to none. We expect that our team members are kind and respectful in every interaction with colleagues, clients and suppliers. And family first is a value that we will never budge on. This isn’t just lip service… it’s driven through every corner of the business from the top down.

And our leaders are brilliant at what they do. Together we deliver a cutting-edge digital marketing solution through powerful websites and only the best digital content.

Hayley Rothery - Senior Project Manager

Hayley Rothery - Senior Project Manager

“My previous role was a 9-5 in government, and I worked Saturdays for 10 years of my life as well. The volume of work was high… stress levels were high.

Then add a child and family life into that, which means long hours at day care – it’s not much fun,” explains Hayley.

Making the best use of her time is vital. She makes sure she uses every hour of the week productively. Not doing a 9-5 has been truly liberating.

“At Brilliant Digital I don’t miss out on work, I don’t miss out on drop off or pick up… I’m there if my daughter grazes her knees and for Christmas… and I get to the gym… I don’t miss out on anything.

I think everybody should be working flexibly – the value of your time is just huge. I have a pretty fantastic balance.”

It has affected her whole family in an enormously positive way.

“My little one is not in the greatest health and that is so much extra stress no one needs. Having a sick family when you’ve still got to work – the pressure and stress… But my little one is thriving and that comes down to my work-life balance. We’re happier and healthier… it’s awesome.”

The best things about the role, in Hayley’s opinion, are the clients and the people she works with.

“I’m surrounded by talented, caring people. It’s awesome learning about our clients’ industries and businesses and helping them to achieve their goals. My favourite part is the people.

We offer a fantastic service. And I love my job.”

Danny Pinn - Video Producer

Danny Pinn - Video Producer

“My previous work meant spending a lot of time away from home. I had a long commute, and that was affecting the children because they’d spend a long day in care. With my work now, I can pick up my daughter and walk her home from school. My kids are benefiting from having their dad around a lot more,” Danny explains.

“It is a challenge trying to fit the work in around the family. But of course, at the same time that affords a lot of freedom to work the way I want to. Sometimes that can mean a lot of late nights, but that suits me as I’m a bit of a night owl.”

Danny’s family has benefited greatly from his flexible working arrangement. The days at care are shorter for the kids. And they’re more relaxed. His daughter is performing better at school because he can spend more time with her on her school work.

Danny adds, “What I really like about my role is the freedom to experiment and I’m not scared to put ideas out there – I’m not going to be harassed about a bad idea. There’s a lot of scope there to learn.

The teamwork is good, too. I was sceptical that you could develop a team working remotely, but it’s quite the contrary. We have regular meetings with each other; no one is protective about their roles. The workflow is very free and everyone is very cooperative.”

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At Brilliant Digital we offer a flexible work environment, a supportive team and the best clients across a range of industries.

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Many of our team members have been working in the digital space since digital was a thing. And they really know their stuff.

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Our clients love working with us because we are fun to work with, we care about their success… and we are damn good at what we do.

Client Success Stories

We are in this business for the long haul... and that's how we view our relationships with our clients. We build a website as a solid foundation, then we partner with them to grow their digital footprint. And our results speak for themselves.

Danrae Group

Danrae Group

After working with Brilliant Digital on a complete digital marketing strategy, Danrae Group’s CEO, Daniel Caruana, was pleased to see that their new website grew from strength to strength.



Working with Brilliant Digital has transformed the Romar business so it can compete on the global manufacturing stage all the way from Western Sydney.

The Conscious Farmer

The Conscious Farmer

Since Brilliant Digital’s first steps into working with The Conscious Farmer in 2015, their website continues to deliver great results for Kirrily and Derek Blomfield.

Facilities First

Facilities First

Facilities First has grown rapidly. Brilliant Digital created their new website to reflect their purpose, growth and capabilities.

Water Filters Australia

Water Filters Australia

Within a year of starting work with Brilliant Digital, Water Filters Australia's sales had doubled... and that was only the beginning.

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