Brand strategy

Our journey with a new client starts with a lot of listening. Before we define your brand strategy, we need to understand your business purpose and your niche in the market.

We need to know who your customers are and the main problems they face.

Then we discover how your unique product or service solves those problems.

Once we have a firm understanding of your customers and their problems we can work to understand your goals. We get to know what your idea of success looks like.

This all comes together to create a coherent, effective and powerful brand strategy. And a well-defined brand strategy is absolutely crucial to get your digital marketing firing on all cylinders.

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At Brilliant Digital, storytelling is the glue that holds all of our marketing processes together.

Each piece of content we write consistently delivers the clear and compelling brand message behind your business.

Writing compelling, engaging, strategic copy in the digital space is a unique skill.

And that’s why we have a team of expert digital storytellers at Brilliant Digital – we know how fundamental powerful storytelling is in creating a successful business.

We take the information that’s in your head. We seek to understand your goals. And using powerful storytelling as the tool, we bridge the gap between you and your customers.

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Website builds

We have an incredible team of experts who come together to create beautifully designed and expertly coded storytelling websites –

websites that deliver qualified leads for our clients.

Our skilled project managers coordinate the team of storytellers, designers, programmers and search engine optimisation (SEO) specialists.

Together they deliver attention-grabbing websites for a fantastic user experience.

We keep up with ever-changing technology to deliver websites that are robust, loved by Google, mobile friendly … and most of all … effective.

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Marketing delivery

Marketing care is perhaps the most visible part of what we do. But getting it right takes experience and a special kind of know-how.

When clients come to us, they know they need to have a digital presence. They know they need to advertise and use social media.

But often, they don’t know where to start. What are the right platforms to use? How do you target your market effectively?

How do you get good conversion rates?

That’s where our expertise comes in. We navigate through the confusing digital marketing landscape for you … so you can get on with running your business.

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Digital marketing skills

Something we’re very proud of at Brilliant Digital is our amazing pool of talent. We bring together many different skill sets and experiences. We each work to our strengths to form the ultimate collaboration – a team that delivers a successful digital marketing solution.

 It is vital for business owners to understand what skill sets will deliver successful digital marketing outcomes … particularly for those who have struggled to achieve results in the past.

If the right people with the right skill sets work together in a strategic way … digital marketing will deliver results … namely brand awareness, sales, leads and business growth.

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