Seven key elements of business website design

Posted by Deb Croucher | May 3, 2020

Key learnings:

  • How to use your business website as a relationship and trust-building tool
  • The mistakes to avoid with your website design, navigation and content
  • The pages and content you need for your business website to succeed

A business website has the potential to make or break your brand. Get it wrong and you have poured money down the drain. Get it right and you have a 24/7 direct path to sustained brand growth.

The good news is that we’ve worked with hundreds of business clients to deliver websites that very quickly start kicking goals. They start appearing on page one of Google… the visitors that come to their website clearly understand their business… and then they take action. And the success of those business websites boils down to seven key elements.

Professional brand

Your business website is a tool to build trust with your market. Whether a potential customer has met you and is visiting your website to learn more about you, or they are a cold lead who has found you through a Google search, your website needs to immediately give them a sense of trust in your brand.

These days, if you aren’t online, you don’t exist… but if your website doesn’t enhance the relationships you have with your customers and stakeholders, it’s not worth having.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that a professional brand is a logo and set of corporate colours… a brand is the words you write, the images you use and the way you present it all to the market. And it should be backed by a thorough brand strategy that will guide every step in your business website journey.


We see poor website navigation all the time… and it’s one of our biggest bugbears. It doesn’t matter how beautiful your business website design is, if the navigation is unclear or poorly thought out, you will instantly turn people away.

And that’s because people are busy. They don’t have time to think about how to find the information they need from your website… you need to lay it all out very clearly and make it easy for them to move between the relevant pages.

Your potential customers want to know about your business and who is in your team, they want to know the process you use to get results, the solutions, products or services you provide and the businesses or clients you’ve worked with in the past. Make it easy to find those pages and you will be a step ahead of the game.

Positioning statement

If a prospect lands on your website and it isn’t immediately clear to them what you do, for whom and why, they will likely bounce off your website very quickly… straight into the hands of one of your competitors.

With your positioning statement, you are continuing to build trust, explaining what you do, who your clients are and the passion behind your business.

We recommend you include a positioning statement early on in your homepage.

And then continue to weave that message throughout every page of your website.

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Team profiles

People do business with people. The days of the faceless corporations are long gone. And the key to your business website success is in building the personality and profile of your team.

Your team profiles aren’t lists of skills and expertise that read like a CV… they are a chance to highlight the experience of your team and the passion they have for the work they do. Pair your profiles with professional photography to bring your brand and team to life and you are onto a winning formula.

Your prospects will know who they are doing business with even before they send an email… you can’t beat the kind of trust that builds.


Speaking of trust – after all, that’s what your business website is all about – you need to have content on your website that explains how you do what you do…

… but don’t go into too much detail, too quickly. Keep it simple.

Explain the process you use to get results. Break it down to six or seven steps that show how you do business and what your prospects can expect from you. By outlining your process you are showing that you are organised, experienced and capable.

Social proof

It’s one thing to tell people how good you are at what you do… but the real value is when your clients can do that for you.

On the websites we build for our clients, their case studies or success stories – i.e. social proof – are some of the most visited pages on their websites.

These aren’t simple testimonials… they are pieces of content that tell the story of how you have solved your client’s problems.

Genuine humanity

By now you’ve hopefully got the message that your business website is a powerful tool for building trust and relationships with your customers… and to do that you need to show the human side of your business.

Yes, you are running a corporate organisation with a large team… but each member of that team is a person first. The stories of your team and of your customers will show your genuine humanity and set you apart from your competitors.

Don’t be afraid to talk about your values as a business, the care you show your team and customers, how you get involved with the community. This all adds up to create a picture of your business as one that is good to do business with.

Nail your business website design

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