How do you know I'm qualified to build your website?

Here’s how it works…

You mention you’re thinking of updating your website. Someone in your team has a friend who ‘does website design’ or is ‘just getting started and can do you a good price’.

They show you some design ideas… they look OK. And before you know it you’ve parted with a few $1000 and you have a pretty website.

At this point I’ll ask you a few questions…

Me: Does your new site work on all platforms?
You: Errr not sure…

Me: Are you on Page One of Google?…
You: Errr no… 

Me: Is it filled with superb content that converts your target market into phone calls?…
You: Well that bit was tricky… we haven’t had any leads yet…

Me: Are you proud to direct people to what is effectively the front door to your business?…
You: Silence…

Building a website is like building a house

Everyone understands that building a house is a difficult job involving a team with a number of skill sets who work together to create the end result.

If you decide to build on your dream plot you will most likely:

  • employ an architect to draw you up some plans
  • hire a company who understands the process and can manage all the trades
  • expect the building team to include bricklayers, carpenters, electricians, plumbers and painters

What you’re unlikely to do is hand the build of your largest asset over to someone who’s ‘done a bit of bricklaying’ or is ‘just getting started and will give you a good price’.

In today’s world a good website is one of your biggest business assets. It’s the front door to your business and will deliver a constant flow of ideal clients and a massive return on investment if you get it right.

But building a good website (like building a house) is difficult. It takes the coordinated skill of a number of ‘trades’ to get a site that delivers.

Who are the digital tradies?

First up the digital strategist is like the architect who designs your house. An experienced digital strategist knows what to put where and why. The best strategists are results driven and have a track record of success.

At Brilliant Blue our strategy meetings are at least 2 hours and we have a tried and tested formula for getting the information we need from you.

The ‘tradies’ of the website world are:

  • digital designers who wow your visitors with a gorgeous look and feel
  • programmers who make sure your website works on every platform
  • search experts who get your business on page one of Google and
  • digital content writers who as if by magic get ideal clients to contact you in droves

All these digital trades are highly skilled in their very different fields and all are essential for the success of your site.

And of course a professional and experienced Digital Marketing company will coordinate all these ‘trades’ to work as a team to deliver on time and on budget. They will have a track record of success and a bunch of existing clients singing their praises.

Choose wisely… the stakes are high if you get your website wrong and your competition get theirs right…

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